21 Year Old Recent Weight Loss, Trying to Get Rid of the Leftover Pooch - Altamonte Springs, FL

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Last year I had lost about a total of 60 pounds...

Last year I had lost about a total of 60 pounds and no matter how hard I tried, how clean I ate, or how much I worked out the stubborn pooch on my lower belly would not leave! As of right now I wouldn't consider anything invasive so that leaves out lipo and when I heard about cool sculpting I decided to give it a try! Today I did my first treatment and as much as you try to prepare yourself for something like this, once it happens you realize you were nowhere near prepared for the sensation the coolsculpting machine gave you. The closest I can relate it to would be like taking a bunch of wooden clothes pins and attaching it to your tummy. Ouch! But once the cooling feature was applied, after about 10-15 minutes the numbness took over for the rest of the hour.

Day 1: 10 hours post treatment

It was quite painful once the machine was pulled off and the tech massaged the skin to break up the crystals. Throughout the day I've done light activity, worried that I will be in pain. Laying on my back and sitting normally I feel no pain but touching my lower belly there is a mix of pain and numbness. Hopefully these next few days I wont get in as much pain as I've heard other patients have! Taking it easy for the rest of the night. Will check in tomorrow (:

24 hours post treatment

Well I knew that there was a chance for discomfort and nausea which I experienced yesterday but when I woke up this morning I was in for quite a surprise. Lovely bruising, great. There's no sharp dramatic pain as of yet. The pain can be described as sitting up after an intense ab workout the day before, so it's more sore than anything else. And still swollen and numb to the touch. Guess I'll be sticking to compression shorts for the next few days!

Day 3

Well the numbness is basically gone and all I'm left with is the sensitivity and pain that happened when the area is touched. No sharp pain or anything dramatic (yet!) except when my boyfriend accidentally pressed on it and I almost burst into tears in the middle of target lol. The bruising has gotten worse but honestly it looks worse than it feels so that's good. No sign of the swelling going down anytime soon so hopefully the whole "it has to get worse before it gets better" saying is going into effect here.

Day 4

Bruises have turned that faded yellowish weird color which is really surprising because usually bruises last forever on me! But every day I'm feeling a little better as far as pain now I get these random little pinches I guess for a lack of a better description but I just adjust my pants and it calms down. Barely any numbness but I still feel like I look like I hit the buffet way too many times.

Day 5

So in a few other reviews that I've read a lot of women at this point after their procedure complain about sharp unbearable pain. I do have "sharp" pain but it's not completely unbearable it's like when you have cramps on your monthly, it lasts a few seconds and you get a few moments break in between. It's quite annoying but I hope it goes away soon. Took my first comparison photo of a side shot from the day I got the procedure done and came home to snap a pic to this morning. I'm a lot less bloated which could be to healthier eating choices and finishing my monthly but I think I also see a decrease in lower belly bloat. I could be wrong, what do you guys think?

Day 6

Last night was a pretty tough sleep. The annoying sharp pains kept me up and when I finally was able to sleep it was short lived and o would quickly wake up in pain. Decided not to wear compression shorts today because any pressure on my belly is just a bad idea. Even wearing jeans right now is uncomfortable but maybe I'll take some pain medication later on if it gets worse.

Day 8

Hey guys sorry I didn't post the last couple days I couldn't really find the time. So my last post I was describing these pains that were honestly hellish that started off annoying and by the next day it didn't matter if i was sitting or laying or standing the pains would not stop it was pretty bad. That night and the night after that I had to take melatonin to even try to fall asleep. Luckily though today I woke up feeling a TON better with no sharp pains! (: The area is still very tender like when I pass my fingers across my lower tummy it feels like I just got a really bad sunburn and the skin feels agitated and sensitive so still taking it a little easy but no exercise as of yet hopefully that'll change by next week. I still got my pooch there obviously but I shall take more pictures come next week. Hope everyone out there has a great day!

Update: January 25, 2016

Hey guys!
Sorry I kinda fell off the grid for a while, with the holidays and classes starting and moving to a new place. But as per request by some of you I took some pics today and did a comparison collage with pics I took the night before the procedure. I'll admit my eating could have been so much better (sometimes the cravings get the best of you!) but regardless I think there is still a definite decrease in my belly pooch. This Friday I'll be going back for another round and hopefully I'll start eating cleaner so I can see better results.

Treatment #2: Day 1

So I just got back from my appointment and a few things I have to share:
-Getting the applicator on wasn't as painful as the first time. Let me be a little more specific, obviously it was no walk in the park and it still felt like a bunch of clothes hangers were clipped onto my belly pooch, but it didn't last as long as the fist time. I'm not sure if it's because the technician placed the applicator while I was still standing versus the first time when I was sitting but it was quite the relief.
-I had the coolsculpting machine facing away from me this time so I couldn't keep track of how much time I had left so I was flipping through the tv channels and playing on my phone so time went by surprisingly fast.
-DO NOT chug so much water before the procedure! I felt like my bladder was about to explode by the 30 minute mark.
-It was a good and bad thing that in my mind I kept reminding myself that the most painful part was the "massage" at the end so it helped me tolerate the previous pain but when it was time for it yikes! I had trouble breathing normally because all I could think was "PAIN."

But i'm here now alive and well (not to sound dramatic or anything) and I won't have to worry about that experience for another 60+ days for my third and final treatment (YESSS). As before, I will do my best to post the most up to date progress and hopefully I'll have better eating/exercising habits which will result in better results. Onto the next phase: Recovery. Wish me luck!

The staff was very friendly the moment I walked into the office, and before the procedure they made sure all of my questions were answered no matter how silly and they made me feel comfortable throughout the entire visit.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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