29 Years Old, 3 Boys, TT with MR - Alpharetta, GA

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I'm looking to get rid of the loose skin and apron...

I'm looking to get rid of the loose skin and apron that I got after my 1st pregnancy. I'm finally back down to my pre pregnancy weight of 117 and really want to get my self esteem and sexiness back. I have a lot of stretch marks too that the doctor won't be able to completely remove but my main goal is to look better in clothing and being able to wear pants without the fat under the waistband again. My kids will be 6, 3, and 2 at the time of surgery. I am also doing a tubal ligation at the same time which saves about $500 off the cost. But it's why the surgery is a ways out, had to coordinate both surgeons schedules along with my work's. I'm excited though and looking forward to a new beginning!


Well I got pneumonia and had to move my surgery back to Nov 8th.. super disappointing but glad I was able to get in again fairly quickly.

Surgery is tomorrow!!

Getting a little nervous, surgery is tomorrow but it's been a long time coming so I'm excited it's finally here.. just trying not to think of the suckiness during recovery and just the hopefully awesome results.

Just got home

Just got home from surgery.. stayed the first night in the hospital and very had I did cuz I was in a ton of pain. Doc showed me how bad my muscles were he had to fix so that was neat to see. He said that would help a lot and I should look pretty good now so I can't wait to see the results. I have to stay in the binder for while tho right now.. I think I can take it off tomorrow and get a pic to upload hopefully

Drains out

Day 7 and I got my drains out and took a much needed shower. Got really swollen though and over did it when I was out to the doctors office. I'm hoping the swelling will continue to go down too. Seems pretty bad in my lower abdomen

3 weeks post op tomorrow

Still a lot of swelling (at least I hope that's what is going on). Unsure about results but recovery has been pretty smooth. I love the bully button but the lower fluff has me worried.

6 weeks post op

Everything is looking better and better. The swelling is way down. Here are updated picks at the end of the day where it's at it's worse.

I've only had the consultation but he was very polite and realistic in what he could do and what I could expect.

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