Restalyne Lip Filler Small Lips

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So I decided to get some fillers in my lips while...

So I decided to get some fillers in my lips while I was recovering from my breast augmentation. I didn't tell my husband as I was staying with my parents and he didn't notice but did mention that my lips looked sexy lately. Lol. So that was nice. My sisters noticed a difference while we were video chatting and figured that I just had swelling everywhere after my surgery so I told them and they thought it looked very subtle and pretty. I am loving the results though as the swelling has gone down I actually want them a touch fuller but I will probably stick with what I have at least for now due to the cost. I am wondering if lip implants will get me the same look as I definitely want this to be permanent! Can anyone weigh in on this? I read that fat grafting doesn't usually take because your lips move so much. The only issue I'm having is I have a lump on the lower portion of my upper lip on the right side. No one seems to have noticed but I really notice it. I tried to show my surgeon but she said she saw the lump but that my lips were even and if she tried to roll it out it might make that side smaller than the other. It actually seems to be improving slightly upon looking at photos but it is still pretty unsightly in my opinion. Does anyone know what I can do to address this? I also have a small lump under my left upper lip and another large one under my right upper lift that you can't see and they don't hurt so I am not too bothered by them. It's just the one on the outside on the right you can see!

2 days after the injections

I really loved them then even with the bruising and at that time the lumps weren't evident. I will probably see if I can get the redone soon as I hate them now.

2 week update

My top lip is a very tiny bit fuller than it was originally but it is lumpy. Looks like I have fangs. Liked them for the first few days but as soon as the swelling went down you the lumps became super noticeable. More noticeable if my mouth is at rest and ever so slightly open or when I am looking down.
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