44 2 Kids, and Needed to Do Something About Abdominal Fat! - Alpharetta, GA

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It's been a month since I got it done and I M...

It's been a month since I got it done and I M pretty sure I am seeing the results as my pants fit me better and I am less round around the middle.

Reason I am writing is because I was worried about the pain of the procedure. For me it really wasn't bad. What was HELL was the pain afterwards. It was akin to the c section pain I had minus incision and muscle pain. There was no going back to my usual activities as they advertise. I was swollen and highly sensitive for days. Moving, bending over and any contact with the treated area was incredibly painful. The Tylenol and ice packs they recommend were like putting a band aid on a laceration to the bone. I should have had prescription pain killers but didn't and toughed it out. What sent me over the edge was the 5th day when the nerve pain started. Suffered that for over 25 hours before my clinic prescribed the nerve medication. It didn't take away the pain but it made it tolerable. My experience was not the norm at all, I know but there should be a pain management plan and discuss the what ifs with your practitioner.

Doing fine

After all the horror I went back and got my flanks done. Bad bruising but nothing with nerve pain. Was a walk in the park. Am feeling like a new woman in my bikini. My stomach muscles still are firm but stick out cuz of kids but there is so little fat and this is the best I have felt since becoming a mom.
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