Breast Lift: My Journey to Perky Boobs - Alpharetta, GA

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So after reading many reviews on here...

So after reading many reviews on here and know how much they help, I decided to go ahead and start my review. I need a breast lift :(. I have wanted one since I was about 12 when I first ever heard of procedure that could fix droopy boobs. That is also when I became interested in boys in THAT way and became really self conscious about my body (side note: that is also when I got my period. ah yes, what a year of discovery). It wasn't until in college that I got a boyfriend that I thought I could get /close/ with, until in the midst of our heated make out session that he noted how saggy my breasts were. I was so embarrassed and since that point I vowed I would not be intimate with anyone until I got a breast lift. Oh, I almost forgot that I also struggle(d) with my weight. So here I am a couple years later 30 lbs lighter and finally able to get a breast lift. Ideally

Today, I had my consultation with Dr. Alderman today and from the time I walked into the office I knew this would be where I would be getting my procedure. The facility was beautiful, the staff is attentive and pleasant. Dr. Alderman was equally as pleasurable and warm, so I felt really comfortable. I know people say that you should "shop" around for your doctor and go on multiple consultations, but sometime you just know when something is right.

There is money saved for my surgery but after seeing the pricing today we need to think of something. My mom knows how important this is to me and she saw how excited I was after the consultation, which is why I know she won't just back out on me and will do her best to allow me to get the surgery (bless her). Hopefully, everything goes well. I am going to be thinking positively and praying hard that I get this surgery, ,because Lord knows I can't go another year with these sad puppies on my chest.

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