31 Year Old. No Kids. 34 A (32B) to C Cup - Alpharetta, GA

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I have always been very petite. I stand 5'2" and...

I have always been very petite. I stand 5'2" and have weighed 98 since 9th grade. However, I've always been curvy (i.e. Slightly wider hips, broader shoulders, and a tapered waist). Sounds like an oxymoron, right? I didn't gain weight until I turned 26. I now weigh 108-110 lbs, depending on my diet. I really think my current breasts are cute but I hate wearing bras. The worst feeling is when I buy a really cute outfit, with which one can wear no bra, and it doesn't fit me because I don't fill it out. I went into for my consultation and Dr. Bauer measured me giving me a measurement of 34A. I thought he couldn't be right because A cup bras never fit me and 34" bands are loose on my ribcage. I've always fit comfortable in a 32B bra but then again, he is the doctor. I told him I would like to be a 34C and decided to go with the cohesive gel implant. I don't want to be ANY bigger than that. He gave me three sizers to choose from, 300cc, 325cc, and 350cc (which would apparently be pushing it). The nurse told me that I would lose some projection as they would be placed under the muscle. I'm afraid that I'll go too big and end up with basketballs on my chest. Does anyone have any suggestions to choosing a definite size? I just couldn't picture what I would actually look like with the sizers in.


My pre-op appointment is July 11th (I'll give you guys an update, as well as post pictures afterwards). My boyfriend, who will act as my nurse during recovery, is coming with me for support. I've been reading a lot of advice online pertaining to what I should purchase for my recovery. Those who have had breast augmentation surgery, what were your go-to items that helped you during your post-surgery phase?

He was extremely nice and made me feel very comfortable. He even complimented me on my breasts, but not in a creepy way. I've heard nothing but excellent reviews about him and he exceeded all my expectations. I'm excited to be his patient and see his work.

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