36 Years Old, 3 Kids, Mommy Makeover - Allentown, PA

Excited for my upcoming surgery. 200lbs,...

Excited for my upcoming surgery. 200lbs, 5'11
Looking to lose 20lbs prior to surgery.

Will be getting full tummy tuck with lipo, and a breast lift. Really hoping I can (for the first time in my life). Have a flat stomach.

I carried three very large babies, and they played a toll on my abdomen.

Looking forward to this makeover!

Almost a month away!

Getting very anxious and trying to figure out what supplies I need. Vitamins? Scar creams? Compression pants? What are you recommendations?

Getting close! Before pics!

Want to capture as many before photos as I can. Hopefully these will help me get through moments of doubt (if they occur)!

This is me laying on my side. Ewwweee

Before Pictures to keep me focused!

I wanted to add a few more "before"
Allentown Plastic Surgeon

So far, so good!

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