25 Years Old, Active, No Kids and Impatient! I Want my Stomach Fat Gone NOW!

Okay, here goes! I have had my stomach fat for...

Okay, here goes! I have had my stomach fat for years and I have started working out 2-3 times a week and changed my diet. However, I want this fat gone now! I am now impatient and tired of the way I look with no clothes on. I have been checking Real Self for years contemplating getting this done. Just like the rest of you, I have read ALL of the horror stories about the severe nerve pain after day 4 and it scared me out of it a few times until I finally said "Screw it, I want this stomach fat gone. I'll deal with the pain like a champ".

I went to Ideal Image in Allen Park, MI and they made me feel extremely comfortable. They took my before pictures and got me hooked up. First, they apply this slimy, cold gel barricade on the area then apply the applicator. I got the left side of my stomach and right flank done at once..then the other side after. Now I got the CoolAdvantage applicators which are supposedly the newer ones. The suction cups are bigger than the older ones and requires less time. Mine were on for 35 minutes instead of an hour. And the hopefully good news is...there is supposedly no nerve pain with these applicators! That's what made me come to Ideal Image versus the surgeons who did not use CoolAdvantage. Hopefully that is true and I don't have much pain. It literally feels how you think it feels, your skin being sucked into a bowl. The uncomfortable part comes when they turn the cooling on. It gets extremely cold to the point it causes a burning sensation. It is very uncomfortable but it does not hurt. Eventually, you become used to it. Now here is the painful part, that dreaded massage. All the reviews were right, the massage is hands down the worst part. It seemed like the longest minute ever. The area is very cold and it did hurt a bit after the message but it does go away after 2-3 minutes. I feel pretty okay right now, my skin is red in the areas that were treated and they gave me a compression garment that I can wear. I will update you guys as often as possible! I'm excited!

Day 2

I am going to try to update every Saturday or when something update worthy happens but I did want to update you guys on what im experiencing on day 2! I'm pretty bloated. Like, worst than period bloating! You may not notice it in the pictures but...I am lol. In the morning, my stomach is at its flattest so this was an expected shock. The treated areas are very sore, tender and more firm than usual but there is no bad pain. I took a shower to try to get the marker off my skin and I could not scrub very hard. Its uncomfortable to touch or put pressure on the areas. It's a little bit of a struggle to move around, bend over, get up from laying down, sitting down etc but it's tolerable. I slept okay. No tossing or turning....it was just uncomfortable laying on my side since I got my flanks done. Overall, I feel pretty good! Unfortunately, the Real Self app won't let me upload photos right now.


Welp...either the Coolsculpting failed or what they said about the CoolAdvantage applicators are true. It is day 5 and I have not experienced the shooting, excruciating pains that everyone that used the original applicators feel around this time! The only thing I am experiencing right now is itching! It's that itch that you can't scratch and when you do scratch it it comes right back type of itch . I am still swollen and sensitive to touch (my flanks are worst than my stomach areas) but it is fading. I'm actually kind of scared that it failed! They told me I wouldn't have that type of pain with those applicators but I was kinda thinking that I would have the pain anyway. I've seen way too many reviews that are all the same to believe I would have no pain. I hope I didn't waste my money. I'll post pics on Saturday.

Week 1

So here we are at week one! All my swelling has gone down and the soreness has almost stopped. It is still tender if you press on the areas but you have to press hard for me to feel it. It is still itchy at times but not as much as it was a few days ago. I forgot to take my pictures when I first woke up so these pics are after I ate breakfast and a snack. Other than that, I am feeling good and very anxious! I want this month to go by so fast so I can see some results! See you guys at week 2! (Sorry my pics are upside down)
Ideal Image

Alicia at Ideal Image did a fantastic job! She made sure I was comfortable and relaxed and she is very cool to talk to. Very upbeat and happy.

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