Much Needed Smart Lipo- I Want to Be Forty and Fabulous!!!!!! - Alexandria, VA

Hello All, I have been stalking RS for over a year...

Hello All, I have been stalking RS for over a year now. I am 39, I have 1 child and I am currently 169lbs. I was very thin when I was younger but over the last 12 years my weight has gone up and down.. I have always had a stomach and not much of a shape. I want to go from a coke can to a coke bottle :).. I have heard several times that I should get a tummy tuck and lipo, but I just don't want to have that scar and recovery time so I have settled on getting Smart Lipo. I would like to get my lower/upper abdomen, back, flanks, waist/hips done. I did a virtual consult with Pacific Lipo (San Diego) and was very impressed with the staff and the price. I did a virtual consult with Crystal from Dr. Boutte's Office (Atlanta, Ga), Crystal was awesome the price was great and I would not have to travel so far. At this point I am set on going to Dr. Boutte. I have a consult on 5/13 with American Lipo Centers in Alexandria, Va (so close to home!!!!!) They are running a special and are definitely in my price range, I have read some awesome reviews and seen some great pictures. I am not sure if I can get everything I want done with ALC in one procedure, I do not want to have to this more than once. I am nervous, excited, scared and obsessed all at the same time.
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