19, College Student, Gappy Teeth - Alexandria, VA

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So I've Never felt confident about my teeth, they...

So I've Never felt confident about my teeth, they have always been my biggest insecurity but my parents never really felt like it was important to get me braces. However after YEARS of pleading they finally gave in and here I am lol on my third invisalign tray. In all I will have 15 trays on top and 8 on the bottom. I never grew my right lateral incisor (no clue how that happened) so the goal is to create space for an implant, an I will have a Pontic tooth in my tray starting at tray 10. Anywho I always read about other peoples journeys on here so I figured I'd share mine. I don't really have any good pictures of my teeth before tray 3 so I'll just start from here. So yea here's some pics lol

Sorry I haven't been updating lol

Ok, so life has definitely been extremely busy between school and work so I haven't had the time to keep you guys updated. I am now complete with my initial invisalign treatment. I may need refinements I am not yet sure. I now have enough space for a dental implant and I will let you guys know when the step is complete. But anyways I'll share a couple pics of my teeth with and without the trays and Pontic tooth. :)
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