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My surgery is in 8 days!!! I'm not gonna lie, i am...

My surgery is in 8 days!!! I'm not gonna lie, i am so so nervous! I have done all I have to do from conducting the research, consulting with and choosing a surgeon, booking my surgery date and completing my 2 week pre-op appointment. This surgery is the first part of a two part mommy makeover. I have never had a booty in fact I have negative booty, lol. By butt shape is what you would call, inverted or a "v" shape. Because of the fat on my flank area, it looks much more inverted. I am getting lipo done to my stomach area, flanks and sacrum. I am very excited to get rid of my flank area, it has always been a trouble spot for me. The minute I gain any weight, it goes straight to my flanks and it is the most awkward place to gain because it is very uncomfortable. Because of it, I have never liked the way I look in dresses or skirts, it makes me feel boxy and unfeminine. If it wasn't for having large breasts, I wouldn't feel very feminine at all. I currently weigh 145 lbs and am 5'3". Over the last year I have lost about 20 lbs. Although my goal weight is around 130, having these extra pounds on me will help provide sufficient fat for a recently plump bbl hopefully. Although I an uber excited about the end results but I am nervous about the surgery and the recovery. I have never gone under, so that's nerve wracking alone. Then, I have seen several of these surgeries on Snapchat and read far too many reviews so I know what is going to happen, therefore the after pain makes me nervous. Lastly, my surgeon wants me to not sit for 6 weeks. I trust him on this because he has an 80% fat survival rate on average but it is going to be very very hard to do! I will keep you posted on everything as well as upload before and after pictures soon.
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