Generic Latisse is Affordable for Me & It Definitely Works for Lashes Long & Grows Eyebrows! -Albuquerque

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At (a young) 63, my long lashes had shortened...

At (a young) 63, my long lashes had shortened almost overnight. I am not on hormone replacement. I used Careprost and wow! My eyelashes are as long as they were when I was a teenager!
What I did not expect to happen was that my normally blonde eyelashes are now a very dark brown. Yeah! I used just one drop out of the container and with that, did my upper lashes and rubbed left over in my eyebrows. The real shock was my eyebrow growth and darkening! Before they were getting white hairs and very thin, almost non- existent. Now- they are thick and medium brown! I just couldn't believe that change. And, it took so little, to do so much! Wondering when this will be approved for use on the head, for balding?! If I had that problem I would not wait, I would use it now.

I first noticed change at about 2 weeks. At two months I had full benefits. I was out for about a month, but my lashes and brows stayed about the same. I just began using it again and will use it to maintain results, but less frequently.

My big worry was that it would turn my green eyes brown. So far, no change that I can see. I did notice, my lids got a little darker so I have become more careful in applying it to the lash line. That has gone away now. Think I got a little sloppy sometimes!

I tried other lash growing products before, with dismal results. This is the real deal! The miracle of medicine!

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