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I am a married stay at home mom, 43, have 3...

I am a married stay at home mom, 43, have 3 teenagers and like most others have had cellulite for FAR TOO long. I exercise regularly, eat healthy, don't smoke, rarely drink, lead a pretty healthy lifestyle for the most part. I'm maybe 15 lbs overweight (which I'm on target to loose by November). I've also tried creams, endermologie, heat therapy, ultrasound, basically wasted my money. I don't wear bathing suits or shorts. I hate it when I wear my Lululemon pants that I can see the dimpling through the material, can't wear white jeans or other light colored pants because of my cellulite showing through. I am scheduled to get my cellulaze on Nov 26 (mid butt to just above the bend in my knee, bit outter and inner thigh, also thinking I'd like a bit of the front thigh done too) am nervous but excited for how things will look this time next year. I totally don't expect to see results at minimum, 3 months later, more like 6 months. I understand about the deep bruising, numbness, pulling feeling, etc...thank goodness for this web page to help me out with my research on cellulaze. I bruise easily; this is the part I'm not looking forward to (as well as the "itchiness" afterwards). I've been reading about the arnica pills and topical cream, upping Vit C & A, Trumeel oral drops, all that kind of stuff. So I plan on having that all ready to go beforehand. My plan is to be up and around ASAP afterwards, help things heal quicker. Goal is to be able to get back to my workouts before 2 weeks afterwards, but we'll see.

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Heard of him and this procedure from a friend who came across his name. My friend is 3 days into recovery from her cellulaze with him (she also had a mini tummy tuck and ab lip). Her comments are all very similar to what I've read on here, skin feels itchy, numbness, black bruises everywhere, pulls, etc... But she is up and around, walking around her block regularly, going on quick short errands, just getting back at it. Her comment to me was if all she had gotten done was the cellulaze, she be in a much better position, and feeling tons better than she does now. Therefore, she says when it's my turn I will be fine. I don't have pictures yet, those will be taken on procedure day. So, until then I'm going to stay tuned to this site and learn from my friend and her recovery.

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