Panniculectomy - Albany, NY

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Pros: Removed some extra skin Cons:...

Pros: Removed some extra skin
Cons: Lopsided

I had the surgery because I had a soft tissue cancer.

I had a soft tissue cancer in my abdominal wall which caused me to have to go through numerous procedures. I had a tumor removal, followed by a mesh removal( due to a staph infection),then a hernia repair, then finally a panniculectomy with a 5 liter seroma removal, I was told when I had the procedure done I would lose the excess skin and tissue. after surgery I noticed that one side stuck out as well as the one hip and that not alot of skin had been removed. When I addressed the issue with my surgeon he said we could correct it later on down the road if it was still the way it was.

So I was scheduled for a post op visit in October, When I went I found out the surgeon that did my surgery had retired and never left the note about fixing my abdomen.I began seeing a new surgery in the same office, He agreed that there were issues with the area and agreed that a panniculectomy revision should be done. With all that said and done I am now waiting because my insurance will not cover it because they say it is not medically necessary. So at this point I am not sure on how I feel about the panniculectomy, and I am confused on how to proceed with this whole process, Do I just wait it out or....

So I decided to update on what has been going on....

So I decided to update on what has been going on. I am in the process of filing an appeal with the insurance company and have gotten a quote for what it will cost to get it done if insurance does not cover it. So now the waiting beginnings. I will update if anything changes.
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