Tummy Tuck, Lipo of Sides and Flanks and Breast Implant Exchange - Albany, NY

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Today started my journey to a new me. This is my...

Today started my journey to a new me. This is my story...
I have two beautiful kids that are twins and one amazing, loving husband of 11 years. Before i had my kids i was 120lb and very happy with my body. I did have breast implants placed under my muscle 18 years ago and i did not breastfeed my kids.

Research: I met with three surgeons and all were Board Certified Plastic Surgeons, completed a plastic surgery residency and belonged to the American Society of Anesthetic Plastic Surgery. I decided to go with Dr. Jeffrey Rockmore because of his referral list, amazing client results, confidence in his work and my personal comfort in him. I will attach a question list of all questions i asked during my 1st consultation and today was my second. Today i signed the paper work, gave my deposit and i am so happy and ecstatic.

What is the doctor doing:
Breast implant exchange Natrelle 371 or 390, smooth and round, placed under muscle Silicone ( because he does not know the exact size of my current implants he is going to have to remove and place the best one that is similar to what i have already, i am happy with my size i just want it a little fuller)
What i have now is saline implants but he is confident i should switch to silicone, i guess they make them different today where if there is a rupture there is no leakage and self contained.

liposuction: Flanks and waist line (sides)
Tummy tuck: After having twins i have a lot of loose skin and yes i did have a C-Section. My concerns were how low can the incision go, fat pad by pubic area and do i have enough skin. What i did not want is a T incision, dog ear and rippling of incision. Dr.Rockmore reassured me that given my body type i will not have those issues. if any revision needs to be done there will not be any cost to me if it is done in the office but if it requires the OR I would just need to pay for facility and Anesthesia fees.

Cost: the cost of getting this procedure included Anesthesia and Facility charges, so this is the total cost minus scar treatment.

Scar treatment: the office recommends skin Medica scar recovery $50 for small bottle, $100 for large. i could get the small bottle free if i use the Natrelle Gel trial program offer but I not sure since i am still exploring embrace scar, silicone sheeting, bicorneum and scar Fx.

The doctor gives a surgical bra post-op as well as an abdominal binder. I am not sure if i am going to get any-other garments like a spandex.

I will post my before pictures and questions i asked during my 1st and 2nd consultations.

I am so excited my journey just began and i am 7 months away....

By before pictures

I am 130lbs if anyone was wondering my weight. I did not pit pics of my breast because the real big change is going to be my stomach.
I am also attaching my questions I asked during my 1st and 2nd consultation.
Albany Plastic Surgeon

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