31 Years Old, 3 Kids (Ages 5, 4, 1). Loose Saggy Stomach Skin, Not So Perky Boobs - Albany, NY

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I scheduled a mommy makeover with Dr. Lynch. He...

I scheduled a mommy makeover with Dr. Lynch. He said I had great breast tissue and would need a lift and reduction. I was a 40DD if not a little bigger. He also said he would remove all my excess stomach skin and do lipo to my upper back, flanks, axilla.

Day Two post op has been the worse. Felt like I have been run over by a bus. All of the bruising showed up from lipo and it burns really bad when I move. My husband ordered me a chair lift recliner and we got a walker so I can use the bathroom on my own. Definitely recommend those.

Day 3 post op was better then day 2. It's easier to get around. Hopefully thing keeps improving. My first post op visit is on day 6.

Post op appointment

Today I saw Dr Lynch. My drains aren't draining much but they want to keep them in for another 2 weeks. I'm super itchy and very bruised and extremely swollen. He let me know that my abdominal muscles were significantly seperated, about 5-6". My boobs are very perky and I'm loving how they look so far. I took my first shower which felt really good and it felt really nice to take off all the bandages at the appointment too. I decided to stop taking the pain medicine they gave me and am just taking plain old Tylenol and Motrin now. My muscles are really in spasm so I'm going to try a muscle relaxant I had left over from a previous car accident to see if I can get comfortable tonight. The nurse said it was okay to try.

Day 10? Post op

Need some advice for those who previously have had their surgeries..... has anyone had blistering after lipo? I don't recall any reviews having blistering. I was very bruised in one particular area and it now has lots of blisters.
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