35 - 2 Kids, 36G - Albany, NY

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I'm not ready to put photos up. I am waiting on...

I'm not ready to put photos up. I am waiting on insurance to approve. My bmi is 27.5 5'6" 160-165 I'm over the pain, the rashes, the dents, the lack of clothing I can wear, the comments. People can be so mean the emotional toll lately is just accentuating my neck and back pain as well as pain from the bras in my ribs from the under wires. I'll be praying the next 7-10 days for insurance approval. I had my consult with the PS got support from primary and OBGYN hope it's enough proof.

Insurance approved

Omg so excited no PT needed. Just the notes from primary and OBGYN and insurance came back with medically necessary.
This moved so fast I wanted this for so long why didn't I do this sooner?
I'm so private I'm not ready to tell friends and family that's why this board is so helpful to me.
End of August is my surgery.

23 days PO

Life changing! Not fully healed yet but everyday is getting better.
I went back to work on day 12. I have a desk job and it was totally fine. It's harder to be home taking care of a household and 2 boys so I feel like a desk job is helping me heal. The heavy commercial doors were difficult and probably more than I should have been pulling on. I just try to keep my arms close to my body and use my forearms. That was the only hard part about retuning to work so early.
What I worried about most was people noticing. I didn't really want to talk about it especially in my professional life. I only told my immediate family I was having this done. I wanted to wait until it was over of course they'd notice. You wouldn't believe how many acquaintances and coworkers didn't notice. Some people I told we're surprised they didn't think they were that big. I always covered up at work and hid the my he best I could. I was a 36g prior thinking 36C maybe D worth swelling.
Then there is my close friends and family that have been nothin but supportive not one rude comment.
I did have a major complication on one side and had to go back in the next day for another surgery. I'll post about that another time but still 2 surgeries in 2 days I'd still do it all over again. I guess that makes me at day 22 PO.
Only regret I didn't do sooner.
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