Breast Swelling 5-months Later

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I had other procedures done at the same time as...

I had other procedures done at the same time as the breast lift/enlargement. Although I'm having issues, I'm still glad I did it as it makes me feel younger and more beautiful at times.

I'm very healthy but this surgery is healing much slower than average - I still have pretty raw scars and tenderness. But, I'm looking forward thinking when it's complete, I'll be pleased.

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Five months after a breast lift/enlargement, within a 2-day time span one breast became larger by about a cup size. Doctor sent me for an ultra-sound but it was clear. I'm now going for an MRI. I'm worried that I'm bleeding and he should go in - he says that's highly unlikely since it's been so long. What else would make me swell so quickly? How concerned should I be if I can't find a place to get an immediate MRI and have to go the weekend without treatment? Thanks for your input.
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Because I've seen his work (photos) and he has a good reputation. He's addressing my concerns and I believe, over time, I'll heal and be happy with the results.

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