22 Years Old, 32A, Asymmetrical and Tuberous Breasts, 375-425cc Moderate Plus - Albany, NY

I haven't gotten my procedure yet but I thought I...

I haven't gotten my procedure yet but I thought I would document my journey here. Reading everyone's reviews has helped me not feel so alone with my condition so maybe my story can help someone else. For as long as I can remember my breasts have never been normal. My right one has always been smaller and I realized quite early on that it wasn't the same as the left (it is tuberous). In high school it didn't bother me that much because I was heavier (the asymmetry increased as I lost weight). My left breast is now between an A and B cup and my right is an A cup. I was also not sexually active back then so I was the only one seeing them. I would be lying if I said it doesn't affect my present day sex life. Luckily no guy I've ever been intimate with has ever said anything negative about my breasts. I'm always surprised when I get compliments lol. I think we as women are much harder on ourselves than men are. But it definitely holds me back. I'm always worried about how I look to him. I would squeeze them together with my hands to make the size difference less noticeable or cover the smaller one with my hair. Instead of focusing on enjoying myself I would focus on my breasts. I can't fathom what it's like to have naturally nice normal symmetrical breasts. But I'm excited to find out soon!!!

Here are some wish pics

Idk how realistic these are for me to achieve but one can only hope!!!

Before pics

For reference I'm 5'4. I never wear a bra anymore but when I did it was 32A. I'm a classic pear shape and carry most of my weight in my lower body. I have wide hips/thighs so my upper body does not match at all. I'm a little self conscious to share completely topless pics but I think I will after I get my surgery for comparison purposes.

Breast lift concerns and thoughts

My surgeon is going to do a periareolar mastopexy on both breasts. I'm not scared of that since I know it's mandatory for my condition. And it's also going to reduce the size of my areolas.
He said he probably will need to do a lollipop lift on my left (larger) breast and that is what scares me. I do not want the vertical scar. Obviously it's better than the disaster I have now but ugh. I can't believe I'm only 22, no kids, have never been larger than a B cup, and I still need a breast lift. Am I just the unluckiest person ever lol!
He also said I probably won't be able to breast feed. As of right now I don't want kids. But I'm vegan and eat mostly organic and minimally processed foods, so feeding my future children dairy formula is not an option. But we'll cross that bridge when we come to it because I'm definitely still getting the surgery.
I'm not scared of the pain. I've had surgery and been under anesthesia a few times before. I have a high pain tolerance and never take pain killers even during my period. So I know the Percocet is going to be amazing lol.
I'm taking a full week off from work and school. But I need to take the subway and that can be hard since I need to hold onto the poles if there isn't a seat available. Is a week enough recovery time?

Apprehensive about size

I've been looking at reviews where women got 400cc moderate profile implants and most of them seem small. I know 400cc isn't a tiny implant, but there isn't much projection. I don't want to go through all of this to still have a flat chest. My surgeon said he only uses moderate when he does a dual plane augmentation, so high profile isn't an option for me. And I'm not sure if 450-500cc would fit since my breast diameter is narrow. Plus I've never had large breasts ever so they might be too heavy for my shoulders and back. Ugh I just want my pre-op to be here already so I can stop wondering and finally decide on it!!!

Official before photos

I thought I would post some real topless photos since my surgery is less than a week away. These boobs are gonna be gone soon so I might as well stop being embarrassed lol. My tanlines are uneven because of the size difference; my right boob also goes to the side more than my left when I lay down.

Pre-op visit

We decided on moderate plus 400cc on the left and 425-450cc on the right

My boobies have arrived

Surgery went a lot easier than I was expecting. I just got back to my hotel and don't feel any pain yet. Only my right breast feels slightly tight but it's almost nothing. They seem so big lol

Post-op visit

Everything looked good, no extra bleeding or anything. My surgeon said he put 375cc in the left and 425cc in the right because 450cc would've been too large.

I love them already!!!

This is my first time seeing them without the bra after my post-op visit. In the bra, I felt my right boob went off to the side, but it doesn't look like that now. I'm a little sad that we went smaller than I wanted, but I trust my surgeon's judgement. I hope they get closer together as they settle, but I'll be happy even if they don't. I love my results so far!!!

Is it weird that I feel most comfortable wearing the strap and surgical bra?

I always see women on here complaining about them. When I don't have the bra on and I move my arm, I can feel the implant shift slightly and it freaks me out. They also feel tighter without the bra. The strap squeezes them together and makes me feel like my boobies are being hugged lol.
I bought these fruit of the loom sports bras that clasp in the front, but I think they're too small. I'm paranoid about them squeezing and misshaping the bottom of my implants. Especially since my right breast has no breast tissue on the lower pole as a buffer. I got size 36 but I probably need a 38 or 40 since I'm still swollen.


So I just measured myself just out of curiosity. My under bust is 31" which is the same as it was before surgery. I'm surprised because I still feel swollen and bloated. My bust is 38". I measured while wearing the surgical bra and gauze so I'm not that alarmed by the large number. I'm also still swollen. So I'm gonna predict my bust will be 36" when everything's settled. My bust before surgery was 33" so it's not that big of a size difference, which is what I was hoping for.

Now I understand how people become addicted to plastic surgery

Recovery has been super easy. I've had basically no pain. Only tightness the first few days and mild burning. Only time I've felt any kind of discomfort is when I used my arm in a certain way to trigger the pec muscle. The hardest part is trying to balance when getting in and out of bed the first few days without my arms. But now my abs are super strong and I don't even think about it. I went up and down the stairs today for the first time since being home. Holding onto the railing didn't cause any pain either.

So you can see proportions on my body

My tummy is still a little bit bloated

Day 4 Pics

The left one is dropping slower, which doesn't surprise me since that's my dominant arm. I just took my first proper shower. My first shower back I just rinsed since I was too uncomfortable without the bra. How on earth do I wash my arm pits without touching my boobs lol.

I kind of regret going this big

I think looking at other peoples reviews gave me boob greed before I even had my procedure. Initially I wanted to be a C but then I was like nah I want a DD. I'm so scared of wearing loose shirts and looking fat or wearing tight shirts and looking like a hoe. I probably should have gotten closer to 300cc but it's too late now.

Day 6 pics

I took these photos before and after my shower and sobbed basically the entire time. I am so frustrated with myself. I really want to love my boobs. For once in my life there's nothing wrong with them and all I can do is cry and complain. They look smaller in photos so I don't think you guys see what I see. I hope I love them once they drop and soften I really do.

Day 8 pics & update

I'd like to say thank you for all of your kind words in my last post. I wish I had something positive to update with. My left breast is so high and tight and now it's starting to ache. It never hurt at all before this and it's making me paranoid. I like the way my right breast looks, so I guess that's something. I'm seeing my plastic surgeon next Wednesday for a follow up and I am trying to emotionally prepare myself so that I don't break down in tears when I take the bra off.

I don't hate my boobies today

Sorry for being so bipolar everyone; I'm back to liking my boobs. I think I'm extra sensitive to opiates. My emotional breakdown started instantaneously when I stopped taking the oxycodone. Keep me in mind if your doctor prescribes that for you lol. I had a surgery when I was 14 and was in the hospital for a month on morphine. I cried everyday back then too so it's a pattern.
I went back to class on Thursday and Friday. The hardest part is going to the bathroom; the doors are so heavy I need to use my whole body to pull them open. I wore loose sweaters so it wouldn't be obvious what happened to my boobs. I didn't feel obese so my fear of looking fat was proved wrong as well.
The steri strips at the bottom of my left boob are starting to peel off. I hope they stay put till Wednesday when I see my surgeon.

So I put on a bralette and this was the result

Lol I actually thought they looked small when I was taking these. How ironic.
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