26 Year Old Mother of 3 Wonderful Kids in Need of Tummy Tuck! - Albany, NY

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I have wanted to get a tummy tuck since I had my...

I have wanted to get a tummy tuck since I had my first child back in 2008, but I had decided to wait seeing as I wanted more kids. Before I had gotten pregnant I was only 120 lbs, and ending up gaining an excessive amount of weight which put me up to 199 lbs when I had my first child. I am now back down to 160lbs and still attempting to lose more weight because I would like to get back close to 120. I have to get a tummy tuck because the way my stomach looks not only affects my daily life because I will only wear baggy clothes, but also my intimate life because I don't like being naked with my disgusting stomach. Now that I am done having children I think this is the right time to proceed with getting the surgery. I have a consult on 9/18 at Albany Medical Center and wanted to know what are some good questions to make sure I ask the plastic surgeon? I don't want to walk out thinking "oh I wish I asked that!".

Getting closer to consult!

My consultation is getting closer, just about 3 weeks! I am nervous but anxious to see what the plastic surgeon is going to say. I wonder though if a tummy tuck is even necessary or if I can somehow fix this nasty stomach without one? I feel as if I will always have the saggy skin though regardless of what exercises I try to do because my muscles have an almost 5 finger gap in between them so I know I have severe Diastasis recti.

Consultation in about 2 weeks!

I am getting nervous that my consult is coming up on 9/18. I am so afraid of even getting this surgery done I want to cancel my consult! I am so afraid of dying during or immediately after surgery and leaving my family behind :(
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