31 Yo Mom of Three, Been Wanting Nice Boobs Since I Never Got Them As a Teen. Alaska, AK

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I have pretty much wanted breast implants shortly...

I have pretty much wanted breast implants shortly after developing boobs as a teen. Mine did not blossom round and full, they grew in this fugly V shape, all pointy and my nipples point downward toward the ground and my areolas were way to big for the size of my boobs. I felt devastated watching them develop, thinking wtf is happening to me, this is not what boobs are supposed to look like!! After breastfeeding three kids their shape has actually slightly improved but they are now flatter and saggy. I always knew I wanted to get my boobs done after I was done having kids so now it's been over 15 years of wanting this. Quick analogy here, one time I wanted a video camera soooo bad for a long time, I thought I would have so much fun with it and video tape everything. Finally I got one for Christmas one year and after years of wanting one, I got so used to the feeling of wanting one I thought I still really wanted it but when I finally got it, I used it maybe once and then didn't care about it anymore. See what I'm getting at..? I'm pretty darn sure I still really really want my boobs done, but I'm worried that what if I'm just so adjusted to the idea of wanting them that once I get them it won't be "everything I ever hoped it would be" kind of feeling. Can some of you experienced ladies help me out here? Were your new boobs everything you had hoped they would be? I've been doing a lot of research and I have quite a few fears like the idea of getting a "double bubble" terrifies me, I really hope that my current breast tissue would blend nicely over the implant. And my other fear is that I would have big boobs that still point to the ground, those are my two biggest worries. I haven't had a consultation yet or officially scheduled a surgery I just know it will be next summer. Thank you in advance for any advice:)
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