Upper and Lower Lips - Juvederm Works for Me!

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My dermatologist gave me two numbing q tips for...

My dermatologist gave me two numbing q tips for the top and bottom of my lower and upper lips each. Five small numbing shots were given after 15 minutes, three on top and two on the bottom insides of lips. He came back in 15 minutes later and used a needle to lightly scratch my upper and lower lips to see if I could feel. I couldn't so he was ready to inject the Juvederm Ultra. I kept my eyes closed the whole time and the procedure took less than the time it took on the numbing shots and waiting periods.

My upper lip has always been very thin and I had developed marionette lines slanting downwards from the corners of my lips on down. I looked pissed off and angry all the time and I hated it. When the Doctor handed me a mirror, all I could say was "Oh my God" because I couldn't believe the drastic difference in my thin upper lip!! The smoker wrinkles from the past were GONE! and I actually have an upper lip now! I am thrilled!

Downside: the shots in the mouth hurt but you forget that quickly, it's just like going to the Dentist. I looked a little like a duck the first 2 days until the swelling went down. As with any puncture of the skin, it will be a little sore and swollen.

Upside: I am amazed! The pain was very minimal and you recover quickly if you have a good Dermatologist who knows what he's doing. I used Vitamin E 400 iu softgels for the healing process. Just prick one with a needle and apply directly to your lips.

I will conclude by saying this is so worth it!

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Use only a Dermatologist for this procedure.

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