Basic Upper Eyelid Surgery 3 Days Ago

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It was a rather odd experience. Because it was...

It was a rather odd experience. Because it was just before Christmas, they were short-handed. There was also a shortage of the injection they usually give for deadening the area. I had to get a total of 8 shots instead of the normal two because they didn't last as long. Also, they had to put back two pieces of the skin they took off on the inner side of the eyes. I am going to ask about this in another question.

I am glad he was paying attention to detail and caught that my eyes would have been too tight; but, am fearful I will have worse scars. BTW, I am already seeing better!

I had basic upper eyelid surgery 3 days ago (just before Christmas.) My eye doctor said he will remove the stitches when he comes back from his vacation...which will be 11 days after surgery. That seems very long to me. Will my scarring be worse? Are there any downsides to waiting that long? Should I call and ask for another doctor in the eye clinic to take them out? I don't want to hurt his feelings, but I don't want long term consequences if they are left in too long.
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