Terrible Experience - Alabama

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I had Dysport on upper forehead and between eyes....

I had Dysport on upper forehead and between eyes. About 2 hours after treatment I experienced extreme neck pain and pain inbetween my shoulder blades. The pain increased over the next 24 hours. I thought I may have slept wrong, however the next morning, I woke up to swollen eyes and a swollen forehead. The swelling also increased over the next day or two. I called the facility on the fifth day to tell them about the swelling. They stated it was normal and should go away. My eyebrows are now severely arched and my forehead continues to bulge. The neck pain has ceased. I went for a follow up appointment on the seventh day. She stated my eyebrows have actually dropped and that is why my eyelids seem droopy and that the muscle in my forehead was just bigger than most and would later atrophy. She suggested more Dysport to correct the eyebrows and eyes and to freeze the muscles even more (I could still crease forehead and area between nose). The next morning, I woke up with extreme neck pain again. Eyes swollen shut and forehead bulging again. Two days later, eyes are a bit less swollen and now underneath eyes are swollen. Will never use Dysport again. I am praying the symptoms will cease once this wears off.

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Not enough experience.

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