After Thermage, I Can Recognize the Face in the Mirror Again

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Thermage tightened my skin and i am very happy. It...

Thermage tightened my skin and i am very happy. It smoothed out the wrinkles and after 7 months, my face still looks as great as it did right after i got it done. The procedure was as painful or as usual as it is supposed to be. It burnt, i felt hot and flushed.The heat seems to be penetrating deep into the inner layer of the skin and it feels like you are inside a toaster. The energy of the heat depends on each skin type and the doctor decides how much intensity of thermage your skin really needs.It takes about an hour for the treatment and half an hour before for preparing.The skin begins to feel tight almost right after thermage and it only gets tighter with time.I got back to work the following monday ( i got it done on a friday) and the redness was very mild after two days. The face looks like it has been burnt in the sun. I had almost stopped recognizing the face i saw in the mirror every morning. I had wrinkles at too early an age and my face was rough. The good thing about thermage is that it works on your entire face at the same time.

i am very glad that i got thermage done. I have read reviews on this forum also, and i feel bad for those who did not have a good experience. The  treatment varies from skin to skin and if you go to a good , certified specialist, i am sure you will have a good experience. The important thing is to go to a complete professional who is more concerned about doing a good job rather than increasing his business and making money.

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