39 Yo Mother of 3, Finally Having BL & TT, Before my 40th Bday :) - Melbourne, AU

I am 39 years old women with 3 teenage kids. I...

I am 39 years old women with 3 teenage kids. I have always had big and droopy boobs and a full figure. In the last two years I have worked hard on my body, going to the gym and eating right. However, my boos become very saggy and the loose skin I my tummy became worse. I ha e been thinking about having a breast reduction for about 15 years now. I even got to the point that I took a loan and interviewed 4 surgeons. It never felt right, until I came a cross dr. Carmen Munteanu. I researched her like crazy for 6 months and the reviews of her work and here credincials are great. So, I booked an appointment. She is every thing I am hoping for in a surgeon. Professional, understanding, and addressed all my questions and concerns. I booked my surgery date for the 15 of March, which is today. Actually, I am posting this review from the admission office in the hospital. I am kind of nervious, but excited. I will post my before and after photos as soon as I am physically able to and I will let you know how everything goes. Wish me luck :)

5 months post op up date

I had my mummy makeover on the 15th of March and it was great. the recovery wend smoothly and my boobs and tummy look amazing. I can't remember the last time I was happy with my body this much. I can't thank Dr. Munteanu enough. I feel like an attractive women once again. I even started to get compliments about my small waste and my perky boobs from family and friends. It is the best decision I have ever made. I feel confident, healthy, and happy. I totally recommend Dr. Munteanu. She is so professional, understanding, and knows what she is doing. I am even considering going back to her for cool sculpting for my thighs to get rid of the excess fat that just wouldn't budge with excersie.

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