28 Year Old 5'4 139 Pounds - Much Needed Mommy Makeover (Breast Aug W/lift and Tummy Tuck)

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The title says it all. I didn't like my breasts...

The title says it all. I didn't like my breasts before kids, then I had boobs for the first time. Had great boobs until after my last one - 6 months of breastfeeding all three of them and for whatever reason after my lat they DEFLATED! My first kiddo left stretch marks all over my belly. I was lucky and they weren't deep or red ever but they left my skin damaged and wrinkled. I am getting a Breast Augmentation with a lift and tummy tuck on December 15, 2016. I am 70 days out from my procedure, but still unsure of the type or size of implant I want I am afraid of going too large. My consultation went awesome. Dr. Potyondy was awesome. Very informational, didn't give the clinical answer, told me flat out I was in the middle as far as needing or not needing a lift. So i opted to do it now instead of doing it later. I lost 25 lbs since May 2016 and my stomach is awesome...under the loose saggy skin. I just want to feel as sexy about myself as my husband thinks I am. :-) Sooo anxious!

Before Pics

Don't mind the bad angles, my husband works second shift, so getting pics has been hard, but they give you an idea of what I'm working with.

35 Days & Counting

I have 35 days till surgery and can I say that for the most part this site is so helpful, but I also don't know how many hours I have spent reading reviews, looking at before and afters and I'm not sure if its getting me more prepared or freaking me out a bit! Im having a ton of emotions about all this, which I know is to be expected. I guess I'm just worried I won't be happy. I've seen so many TT scars that are very high and people say in their reviews that they weren't expecting them to be that high, I'm really worried about that, I'd like it SUPER low, even if that means keeping some of my stretch marks and possibly having a vertical scar from my old belly button. Ugh so much to think about.

The UPS and DOWNS....

So, for the most part it's all ups, but when people tell me "oh you don't need a tummy tuck...you know what the scar looks like right..." it makes me second guess myself. Then my amazing husband is there to tell me that I deserve to be in love with my body as much as he is in love with my body (seriously). I'm 22 days out, I got a recliner today that i sewed up some holes in (it was a hand me down) and ordered a chair cover for it. I have a 4 day weekend this week so I plan on writing a list of all the stuff I need to get and do before surgery. Going to make healthy freezer meals so my husband doesn't bring me Chinese food everyday! ???????? I'm obsessing over size. I do not want a size that makes me look big, I've worked very hard to get down to my goal weight and I do not want that going down the drain. The next 3 weeks is going to fly. I have my 3 year olds birthday and thanksgiving this weekend, next weekend I'm going on a date night with my hubby to Portland, Pre-op that week in the 7th and then the following weekend is my best friend birthday, then surgery that Thursday!

2 Weeks to Go

Well I'm two weeks out, and there is so much to do. I'm feeling a little bit under pressure to decide on size. We never really talked about it at my consultation, I had seen a couple other surgeons and decided at those that I liked the look and feel of the 450CC, but I'm nervous that's too big for my build. I'm going to have my husband take some better pics this weekend of me. We are having a date night in portland Saturday bc its going to be a LONG 6-8 weeks of no sex and my husband and I are VERY sexual (sorry if that's TMI) so it's going to be tough. I have planned a bunch of stuff to take my mind off of it and make it go fast, but I'm hoping I haven't overloaded myself. I'm curious what types of questions you all asked at your pre-op appointment? I haven't done a bunch of research into the types of pain management I'm assuming he will go over this on Wednesday...I guess I'm not sure what to expect at the pre-op....ugh...I feel like it took forever to get to this point ad now I'm under prepared...lol....

My journey so far...

I feel like my initial reason behind this might have been rushed.
I always said after kids if I wasn't happy with myself I would get things fixed. Its still a little crazy that in basically 8 days I will be actually doing it instead of talking about it. I was struggling with some unsettling health news back in March of this past year, I was overweight, and just all around unhappy. With the help of beachbody I was able to change my terrible eating habits, work out 30 mins a day and lose 31 lbs. I have a six pack in the pic I have posted, but that's with my loose skin tucked under my waist of my pants and leaning back so the skin is tight against them. I want that hard work to show ALL the time. After meeting with my first surgeon I learned that no amount of exercise or laser treatments were ever going to get rid of that, my only choice was to cut it out. I feel like I'm taking the easy way out and like others are going to judge me, but I'm doing it anyway b/c I know I'll be happier. I'l be able to pierce my belly button again, and wear a bando and not have people stare at my belly when we go to the lake during the summer, at least that's my hope. Anyway, so that is part of my WHY. Tomorrow is my pre-op and I'm very nervous about picking boob size, I can't decide what size I want as I do not want them to make me look big...I'm going to trust my surgeon and take some pictures of what I'm looking for and hopefully he knows what to put in to give me the look I want :-).... 8 more days!!!!!!!!!

Pre-Op Done!

Today I had my pre-op. My surgeon and his staff are just so comforting and so easy to talk to. He doesn't give the stuffy doctor feel where you are afraid to ask any questions and look dumb, you know what I mean? Any doubt I was feeling is gone...

Finalized size I'm doing 455cc UHP Gel Textured Implants. He asked me what I was thinking, I brought some pictures of what I wanted, and he gave me his recommendation. I am doing a lift and under the muscle so he said they will have that round shape I want, not the torpedo look. Talked a lot about my TT scar, asked him where he is going to place it. He told me where it realistically would end up which is higher than I really want, BUT he did say he would put it as low as my skin would allow him to. He also told me I have an umbilical hernia which he will fix. The last surgeon I saw said that I just had an outtie belly button from my kids and we could fix it if i wanted to later with a revision. Dr. P is going to fix it while he is in there and won't charge any extra. :-) Took my prescriptions to get filled and he does want me to get a blood draw tomorrow just to check my iron levels b/c I do have heavy cycles and a history of anemia. I have however been doing extra spinach in my smoothies and my last cycles wasn't too bad, but we will see once i get the test. I will only have one drain, he also mentioned he will leave the incision for the lipo on the sides and flanks open in a sense to drain, it gives better healing results. He tapes the ISH outta the incisions, and wants me to leave it on until it basically falls off, no dressing changes at home, he says DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING. My post op will be in the office the next day. All in all, he eased my mind with all this. His office assistant is his wife and she is the SWEETEST person alive and literally makes you feel like its going to be amazing! I went from scared/nervous to excited! I can't wait until next week. Just gotta get all the presents wrapped, 2 weeks of healthy freezer meals in the freezer b/c my poor husband can't cook, get my house deep cleaned so I'm not stir crazy and hopefully the rest will go well!! EEEK 1 weeks to go!!! Oh and I was instructed to get no underwire cotton loose fitting bras....how do I know what size I'm going to be???? lol

Just sharing...

Was looking on Pinterest for after surgery workout schedules, like what to start with and I going this completely unrelated but a very positive graphic! Happy Saturday only 5 days for me!!

Forgot pic

Here is the pic!

I'm sick...and on my period..

Woah is me....lol

I've come down with a cold which my surgeon says is not big deal (it is to me!!) and my period started this morning, I should be close to being off by Thursday, but still...what timing for all this...any suggestions for kicking this crud fast????

Tomorrow is the day....

Well tomorrow is the day! It's funny because my nerves have disappeared today. Our internet at home has been down so I haven't been able to see anyones updates or post anything. Got all my supplements and have been taking them for about a week now. Started colace a day earlier than I was told just based on you ladies' reviews. Ummm not sure if my bras I got for the day after surgery are going to fit, so we will see lol. I added a few more before pics I snapped when I was sitting on the couch of my belly currently. I hit 135.9 this morning (my goal weight was 135 by surgery day, so I'll take it!????????). I'm excited more than anything and ready! I'm never gonna sleep tonight! Eek!

Headed to surgery...

Off I go to surgery! Xanax hasn't kicked in yet I have an hour drive! Sooo nervous but so excited..see u all on the other side!


Well I had my surgery yesterday and pretty much have been keeping since. I did throw up and omg ouch! All liquid and it was only once so I'm greatful. If there is one piece of advice I could give u, stay ahead of the pain. It's like being sore all over. I don't feel much on my tummy tuck scar but boy does my chest hurt...breathing is difficult. The pics I have are terrible but from what I can see, my left breast is way more swollen, and my scar is as low as I think I wanted! :-) in soooooo much pain but I think it will all be worth it.

Post op apt.

So doc said I'm doing really well. Was able to get myself in walking and seated. I had my hubby snap a pic. I hope my right boob is just pinched cause it looks funny. Didn't see the tummy tuck incision really and won't see how low it is for a while I'm sure.

Feel lots better now that I actually took a deep breath...I was afraid to breathe in bc it was painful but stopped holding back and I feel much better. I've pretty much just slept most the time, ready for the pain to be gone haha

Today is better

Well today is much better I must say. I figured out that I have to take my pain pills every three hours. My body metabolizes them so quickly! Now that I'm on top of the pain I'm feeling better. Had my first bowel movement which honesty wasn't bad I have been taking my colace and did milk of magnesia. I did feel like I was gonna throw up, grabbed a pillow and just laid into it. I've leaned that it's harder to breath when my arms are in toward my sides haha so if I just put them out a little it's much better. I keep lifting up my shirt and just looking at my boobs hahaha can't believe they are mine. They seem to be the perfect size. I feel like a human today." Is the best way to describe it. I'm just really sore. I'm a believe now that it does get better every day :-) feeling drugged and happy at the moment lol. Hope all u ladies are doing well and recovering well!

Day 4

Okay so my surgeon doesn't have me touch, clean or change anything. I can take off the compression garment wash it and take a shower, just no direct water on my incisions at all. I'm not sure if I'm draining at all anymore or if it's clogged? Is that even possible? I feel more normal today and was able to stand even straighter. I've started doing laps, every hour my hubby is getting me up to walk a lap around the house. I'm also practicing lifting my arms up and down. I had to cut my compression garment down bc it was riding into my boobs and it isn't suppose to do that, so I got the cut. I think I'm gonna shower tomorrow morning so I can stop smelling haha! I still have no pics of my belly, but here is a picture of the girls! So far I'm happy and can feel my nipples completely so that's good!

Frankenboobie ????

Okay my hubby keeps calling me frankenboobie haha finally snapped a shot without the compression garment on, waiting to take a shower until the kiddos are sleeping tonight, so this is what I got u til then! After a few mins I needed back in I was exhausted! I'm very swollen on my lower back, I hope my compression garment is where it is supposed to be...anyone have any experience with this?

Anyway very excited, love the way things look, my right boob is square looking...it's having more issues than the left...Its harder and just weird.

Anyway here is today's update, I can stand up pretty straight, I'm moving better in the arms, milk of magnesia is amazing and works within 30 mins. Extra gassy today, I'm in need of a nap and my next appointment isn't u til the 28th. I'm just gonna relax and enjoy my downtime until then! :-)

Day 8..I think

Today was rough, I over did it a bit, had hopes of getting up, getting dressed and going for a short shopping trip with my husband but I over did it and was in lots of pain, I tried going without a painkiller but I didn't have any Tylenol to switch to so that was a big mistake and I've played catch up most the day.

My right boob is still in my chest, the left dropped down almost right away after surgery, I can laugh lightly now without crying lol and I can clear my throat. I want so badly to stretch out but I'm afraid of tearing something. I think most the things I "can't do" is more I'm afraid to do them.

My second shower was so much more enjoyable! I was standing straighter and my arms worked way better than the first time around haha. My doctor tapes everything in a special way that it stays on for 2-3 weeks and I was really scared of it getting wet, but after I said screw it and just let the water run down my front it was amazing!

My torso looked shorter to me and my belly button lower but after searching that question on this site my fears were put at ease because it's just from everything being tight! I'm so excited for Wednesday to get the tape off and possibly get the drain removed. At this point I'm not draining a whole lot but the color is still red so I fear it may stay in longer if it doesn't reach the clear color that it should be.

My back swelling is terrible and my doc said when I start sleeping in bed it will drastically go down but it is worse bc of sleeping in the recliner, going to try and transition into bed this week but man this recliner is AMAZING to sleep in!

Anyway I don't feel any smaller than I was before the surgery, it's a waiting game for me to see if I'm in love with the way my belly looks after the tape comes off and the swelling subsides some. So we will see!!!

Day 10/11

Well everyday does get a little better with hard days in between. Today was Christmas and we always host.
Yesterday I was sore and could hardly stand up straight. I only took Tylenol yesterday and had a bout of extremely soft bowel movements and that really really sucked! It was rough. Tried sleeping in bed and lasted 10 mins. Until this drain comes out I'll be sleeping in this recliner lol.
Today, I got dressed, put makeup on and only took one Percocet at the end of the day and I spent half the day on my feet. I'm standing straighter but it takes a minute or two of moving around to get there and I do get tired after a while. I showered on my own, I still can't have water directly on my incisions bc they are all still taped up for another two days. Being able to stand straighter helped my backache like you would nut believe. I'm beginning to think in a week and a half I will be ready for work again :-)

I'm excited but nervous for my appointment. Not sure if I'll get the drain out. The fluid is still red. My skin around my drain is red too, doesn't hurt and no puss or anything. But I cleaned it today with some alcohol wipes. The fluid on my shirt is yellow. But when I dump what's in the pouch it's red.

I have a lot of swelling in my hips, right where my drain is and my back still. I also noticed my right boob (which still had not changed at all, still in my dang chest so I'm lopsided) has a bruise on it where my stitches I'm assuming end.

My husband has been amazing through this whole process taking care of my three girls who are all under 5. So far I love my results, but I am nervous to see my actual incision, is it straight, how thick, how many stretch marks are there still, what's my belly button look like...you know all that stuff!!??? ???????? so anyway no new photos bc not much has changed. I'll snap some either at or after my post op apt.

Surgery Day: step by step & my review so far!

This update is more for those interested in using Dr. Potyondy as their surgeon.

When I arrived at the surgery center I went back to the room with the nurse and changed into a robe. The nurse talked me and asked me how I was doing.

Can I just say, all of Dr. Potyondy's staff were awesome. All made me feel comfortable and told me about their experiences with things they had done by the doc. Wonderful people.

The anesthesiologist came in next (who is the docs father) he was very nice, went through all the pre op questions, when was the last time you ate or drank anything, family history...

After that Dr. P came in (which by the way he always is in good spirits and smiling, his staff confirmed he has so much energy and such a positive energy!) he asked me if I had any questions, I said no and then he was like well let's mark you up! So made the marks and then I asked a question about my TT incision bc he marked it right at the top of my belly button and I had an old belly button piercing hole I wanted gone so he said he would take care of it and get rid of it and assured me he would make my scar as low as possible. So anyway at that point we were ready to head back! I kissed my husband and they exchanged numbers so he would get a call before they were done so he could head that way since we live an hour from the surgical center.

We walked back to the bathroom they did a pregnancy test then we went back to the operating room. The nurse (who was so sweet) told me to unrobe and lay down on the table, she came over immediately with a hot blanket, put it over me. Then made small talk, talked about her lipo she had done to make me comfortable. Then they explained that they were going to start cleaning me with some warmed up cleaner. I know they started to clean me up but by that point the Valium was setting in so it's hazy. The anesthesiologist came over put in the IV and gave me some happy juice, meanwhile I was still talking to the nurse about my kids and why I was doing this. Next thing I knew he told me he was going to put me to sleep, put the mask on me.

Next thing I know I was being assisted by the nurse, she was helping me to pee. I had issues peeing. I was fully dressed with the bra I brought with holes cut out in the nipples. I brought my own so I wouldn't have to hassle with a bra the next day. Not required at all, I just thought it would be easier and make my next day apt quicker.

So anyway that was my down to the detail surgery day. My surgery was at 7:30am and I think I was literally out to sleep before 8 o'clock and didn't get out of surgery til 12:30. My husband said it took longer than expected, in not even sure why, I'll be interested to ask at my appointment Wednesday! So anyway, so far I would highly recommend my doc, great bedside manner, on time appointments, price was reasonable, care has been great. Texts back within an hour of asking a question, the nurse called me and talked about my questions regarding my back swelling. Just good people and so far a good experience! :-)

2 Week Appointment

Just had my 2 week appointment. I got the drain out, which rest assured for those who were wondering, didn't hurt it was just an odd feeling and stung a little at the incision site. Made my hubby queasy to see haha ????????they put antibiotic ointment on it and taped gauze over the hole. I can take that off tomorrow and just use the antibiotic ointment as needed but should heal up just fine. NOTE: they did tell me any ointment besides Neosporin. There is something in Neosporin that lots of people have reactions to I guess!

So hopefully I will sleep better with that thing out! Since my tape is doing so well, it is staying on another week. He believes that keeping the tension off the scars helps keep them thinner and from raising. The tape sucks and pulls and pinches a bit but a small price to pay. We trimmed off some of the tape that was peeling up. He cleared me to shower somewhat normally but still not allowing too much water beating on the tape but a little is okay as it will help loosen the tape making it easier to peel off next Wednesday.

They took out my belly button stitches and I'm in love with my new BB. It's still swollen, but when the swelling goes down in the middle it's going to be perfect. I can start belly button training with a marble in 2 weeks. They just said to make sure it's sterilized by boiling water prior to using it and they have seen great results with this method. I have posted pictures. It almost made me cry. I could stand the stretch marks and I could live with the loose lower belly skin but my BB drew the most attention.

He said I could massage my right breast as it's still really high but not to worry it's really not necessary, it will come down on its own especially since it's a textured implant, but massaging will help. You can see the difference in the breasts, it's not hard to tell which one hasn't come down.

Was cleared to have some drinks on New Years. I can wear a bra as long as it doesn't push down on my nipples, so I'm just gonna stick to my cut out sports bras and switch to a normal sports bra for work on the 3rd and 4th. Then I will go from there.

I have some lumps on my right side from the lipo all normal. The tape and lipo stitches come out and off on the 4th of January. We will talk about possible scar treatment around 6 weeks bc he said we would know what needs correcting or fixing by then. That was his response when I asked about embrace. He said don't spend the money just yet, we have options if we think there will be issues or if you aren't happy with stuff. :-)

I think I covered it all...sorry if there are duplicate photos, in a hurry!

More pics

Just some more pics...

16 days

It's amazing, but things have just gotten 10 X's better in the past couple days. I'm standing straighter, driving (still stiff though lol), cleaning house (slowly), lifting my one year old (legs mostly, no lifting with my arms except from high chair), shopping...it's wonderful! I still do get winded sooooo easily! Walking is a workout all on it's own. ????????

TMI ALERT! Hubby and I did have sex last night, me on my side/back, no rubbing or grinding or anything like that that would irritate anything. Slow and controlled orgasm, no pain at all, so I was soooo happy! My doc told me it was all up to me when they happened, but if before 3 weeks, no grinding or pressure to any of the incisions. ??

Was able to sleep on my left side for a little bit again last night, and like propped up on my right side. I rolled up a blanket and stuck it under my back/side, so it propped me up in my side so I wasn't flat in my back. Each night gets better.

I'm sooo swollen in my hips, leggings are about all I can wear for now. I put some jeans on but buttoning them was so painful and uncomfortable, I took them off right away! ???? so I'll be in leggings for a bit if time!

Still wearing the sports bra with nipple cut outs so my headlights are on constancy! I'll switch to the uncut sports bras for work next week, but until then I'm baby my nipples as instructed! :-)

Right breast still high as heck! Massaging slightly to help it move down but nothing yet...anyway! Happy healing to all those ladies out there following!

First Day Back to Work and Tape off

My first day of work was yesterday. It went well. I sit at a desk so I was able to only do as much as I pushed myself to do as far as walking. It was a good day, still slightly hunched over so when I did get up people at work noticed. Good thing I told everyone I was having hernia surgery. Haha it was also my first day with my kids. My husband works 2nd shift so I'm alone with my three kiddos at night, it went well. It's still Awkward picking up my 1 year old, but each day it gets better. I was swollen and tired at the end of the day!

Today I had my 3rd follow up appointment today. I got my tape off and I'm glad I had prepared myself for the fact that it wasn't going to be perfect. As you know if you have been following my story is that I have been taped up since the day of surgery. The tape was still very adhered to my skin and did hurt coming out. They removed some stitches that were poking out on each of my incisions. The under the beast incisions were irritated from the tap, so they sent me home with triple antibiotic ointment just in case it bothers me. I'm happy with my breasts but I did notice today that I have a flat spot on my right implant, but it isn't done falling and settling so I'm going to mention it to the surgeon just to be safe. I'm disappointed with how crooked my TT scar is, but maybe with time and when the swelling goes down it will fall on the one side a bit??? Only time will tell. It just seems EXTREMELY crooked and you would think that would be an easy fix, other than that, the scarring is small and I can tell it's going to be thin. My surgeon sent me home with tape and told me to tape again, keep tension off the scar for better results. I'm worried about it being covered again. Anyway I have to go to bed for work tomorrow. I'll post more tomorrow.

More pics

More pics

Picture of my compression garment...

Ordered two with the breast cut out. The one I had from surgery was pushing my swelling into my hips. I am wearing the one I'm pictured in today for the first time and it's doing its job I don't feel uncomfortable. Only thing is there is not snaps in the crotch so I'm having to pull it to the side to pee haha it doesn't come down very easily! Haha

Before and afters and some icky ones...

My surgeon gave me print outs of my before pictures, marked up and then picture of skin and lipo. If you have a weak tummy don't look at these!

Almost a month...

I really can't believe it's been a month. I'm feeling more normal everyday. I still feel the bruising from the Lipo and the tightness in my abs. And the lumps and bumps from the lipo are weird and almost feel like a bee sting when u go to massage them. At the end of the day the swelling is real bad. My right breast still hasn't dropped yet, I know it takes time so time is what I'll give it. I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried there is something wrong with it. Maybe I'm over doing it? I don't know. Anyway. Today I was able to clean house a bit, I had energy and I felt really good! Standing pretty straight for most of the day. My scars look much better in person than in the pictures I'm taking. I have taped a few times, and a little different every time. I also let them air out over night and they seem to look better the next morning after each time I've done that. I still have a hard time holding my one year old just mainly due to the lipo bruising. Thank goodness she's finally started walking haha! I can cough and sneeze without feels like I'll bust a stitch, which is a good thing bc I've come down with something and it sucks! The itching is not joke, but it comes and goes and I now understand the itchy where it's numb. It's almost like u can't find where to scratch but u know it's there.

My nipples are bigger than I wanted them to be. I like small nipples and I should have told him I liked them on the smaller side but I kind of skipped over that when I asked how big they would be and he said not much bigger but I didn't realize my nipples were this big since they were shrunken from being shriveled bags of skin haha! Mine are the regular size for the size breast I now have, but I prefer smaller nipples so if you are reading this and prefer that, make that clear to your surgeon. I'm starting to get more definition in my abs back, I started belly button training tonight. Need to get more information from my surgeon as to how long to keep it in and what not. I'm using a marble but it's way too big for my belly button haha. Anywho off to bed enjoy the pics!

7.5 weeks

I've been a little lazy about posting. Things are going very well. I started working out this past Wednesday. No crunches or squats per my doc but cardio stuff, well things were going really well until today. I swelled really bad and I will be calling tomorrow bc my belly button is protruding a bit and hurts :-( hopefully I didn't damage anything!
My turning point was around 4 weeks, my energy came back and I was pretty much functioning normally. I still feel "bruised" from the lipo on my sides/hips. My right breast still hasn't dropped into place and my surgeon doesn't want to force it bc he doesn't want it to drop to far. I had bottom heavy breasts to begin with so I'm going to take his advice and keep doing the exercises his nurse showed me to push the breast into the pocket.

I ended up with a rash called pitsorisis rosea so I'm gonna post some pics I took a week or so ago. I am fitting back into my normal pants pre surgery so that's nice. I don't wear my compression garment as much as I probably should but with my belly swelling today I'll be wearing it this week religiously. I can have pressure on my breasts now without any issues for the most part.

I'm very happy with my scars. My breast scars are nothing and my nipples are starting to shrink down which THANK goodness! I didn't like the size they were but they are looking so good! My tummy tuck scar is so thin. It looks so much better in person than in pictures. Some places are so thin, once the redness goes away I don't even think h will see it. Doc did say we could fix the high side of my TT incision with and in office local but he said to give it at least 6 months. I'll post pics I have taken and haven't posted.

More pics and...

Oh and I haven't been putting anything on my scars yet. I started pure vitamin E today. Massaged the scars and let it soak. Ordered some silicone tape and I'm going to get the scar stuff my surgeons office sells I'm pretty sure.

Also, I've been putting a marble in my belly button but I'm not sure if I like what it does or how t makes it feel. Gonna try ear plugs! :-)

11 weeks 1 Day

Well things everyday still look different. My belly button still is funky but changes all the time. Now that it's less swollen I'm gonna start the marble training again.

I've finally started working out fairly normal except for the fact that 2 months of not working out has taken my endurance down! Abs still hurt to work out but I'm working into it slowly.

The swelling along my incision line is still swollen at the end of the day and actually even before then a lot. I'm putting vitamin E on it about 4-5 times a week. The oils seems to kind of irritate me. I'm going to pick up some scar treatment my surgeon carries here in the next week or two.

My scar is in the red/purple phase, but it looks worse in these pictures than it does in person. It being crooked sucks, but when I wear low cut jeans or leggings it doesn't show, and only slightly when I wear my swim suit. I'm hoping it will lighten a ton and I'll be happier with that aspect.

My nipples get smaller and smaller as things relax. There is one part of my left nipple I don't like. It comes to a point on the left side toward the bottom and makes my nipple look flat so hopefully I'll get that fixed too :-)

I'm extremely happy with doing this. My confidence level is through the roof, but I will warn u, if you get ur boobs done, be prepared for a wardrobe change. Nothing looked the same for me and most of the things I owned were flowy and didn't look right anymore. On the plus note I took my work bonus and bought lots of clothes!!! :-) I fit back into my jeans pre surgery and have now for a while. Sitting and not worrying about sucking in my tummy is anazing! ???? absolutely worth it! My scar is higher on one side but my surgeon and I have discussed a revision of I want to after a year. We will see!

More pics

So far, he was very informational, didn't give me a basic answer. Took the time to answer my questions talk about the "why" behind what he was suggesting for me. Didn't try and sell me on anything, just gave me facts and suggestions and information. made me feel extremely comfortable. His office staff were awesome as well! His wife is his office manager and she messaged me after hours with pictures of the different types of implants an etc. I will update as I go through the process.

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