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Dr. Potyondy & Jaime: I just wanted to say...

Dr. Potyondy & Jaime:

I just wanted to say thank you… I can’t say it enough. My surgery is scheduled for 6/13/16 @ 7:30 AM and as the day draws nearer I am getting so excited!!! I have seen other doctors before for consultations over the years, and they all pale in comparison, I have never felt as confident in any other surgeon. It was always easy to postpone my surgery because I never felt excited to push forward. The Aesthetica Clinique made me feel welcome, comfortable, and most of all – that I had been listened to.

I’m sure you’ve heard it all before but I can’t wait to feel womanly & comfortable in my own skin. And for only being 21 years old, It’s depressing to have never been publicly in a bikini. While part of that insecurity is psychological, there comes a point where you decide to enhance your appearance for yourself.

Thank you both for being so kind, knowledgeable, and compassionate.
Dr. Potyondy – Your expertise shines through, I learned a lot in speaking with you. For someone like myself who thought they had researched it all over the years, you were still able to educate AND inspire.
Jamie – You are the sweetest. You made scheduling my surgery so easy. You do such a great job at making conversation feel so natural. And as a woman, you were understanding to all the feelings, concerns, and goals I expressed.

It’s a pretty amazing dynamic to see husband and wife working in a clinic to make ‘dreams come true’ – no exaggeration. I have considered other non-surgical procedures for my acne scarring, and I will be back someday for those. I will refer my friends and family to you for years to come. I can’t wait to see my results!

Breast aug moved out to July 1st

My surgery was moved out to July 1st so I will have less time off work and more time to recover comfortably. Will post before photos this week.


Before my surgery!!!!

Day 1 post-op

Day 1 post-op w/bra

This bra was painful to wear and it's a size large. There is no underwire but the elastic sits right on my inframammory incision

My cocktail of meds to tolerate the pain. I figured the pain would be minor but boy... was I wrong.

I feel like I was hit with a semi truck. My muscles are sore and getting of bed requires assistance because using your arms, abs or back to pull yourself up is intense. Coughing is unpleasant, even sponge washing my body hurts. I did begin to notice stretch marks on my breasts so I'm using Biooil just where they are NOT on the incision site. The incision should be healed 100% with no stitches before I begin scar treatment. I'm taking Percocet every 4 hours. I wake up in pain needing to take a pill so I can fall asleep again.

Day 1 post-op

( . Y . ) the girls have arrived

Day 1 post-op

( . Y . ) the girls have arrived
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