25 Year Old Male BBL. Aventura, FL

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So I'm a male, I've been doing research on the bbl...

So I'm a male, I've been doing research on the bbl surgery for about 5 years now and I've reached the point that I'm finally 100% sure.
I've done a quite abit of doctor shopping and I think I've finally made the decision to go with Dr.Salama and Elite Plastic surgery at the Aventura Medical campus in Adventura Florida. I want to go with Dr.Salama because I love his before and after photos, he is bored certified, and I've read about 400 positive reviews.
I reached out 9/26 at 4:30pm and by 4:38 Cynthia had emailed me back answering all of my original questions, I was kind of shocked.. but it was a very good thing.
She informed me that my surgery was going to be about $8,300. She also told me they offer payments but either way you have to put 10% down to reserve your surgery date which I can understand.
I sent the photos that she asked for and she told me that they think I should have enough fat but to gain 15 lbs just to be safe. which is awesome because when I talked to Mendieta I needed to gain 25lbs which I did and then I started having strange feelings about Mendieta because i started seeing his recent work, so I moved on. But an extra 15 won't hurt and he'll take it out either way so better to much then not enough.
I've been looking for photos of the shape I would like but can't really seem to find one that explains what I want. I understand sometimes things don't go quite as planned and that's fine but I want my expectations to be clear so athat least he will have a good idea of what I want.
I'll add photos when I get a moment.

Before photos

So here are my photos
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