Post Op Open Rhino Adelaide, SA

Now 22 I never considered that rhinoplasty is...

Now 22 I never considered that rhinoplasty is something I could ever afford or have the courage to go through with. Considering how much I hate my nose I'm surprised at how little I was picked on in school. I have a daughter now and plans for marriage in the future and all I want now is to be a pretty mum and not be afraid to turn my head side on to the camera on my wedding day. One consult down, 2nd in a week and surgery 2weeks after that ! CANNOT WAIT. Most people wont understand, hence why Ive only told 2 people, one being my partener. Best to save the stress of others judgements.

quick question for post op members

Ive read heaps of post surgery reviews about recovery and having sore throats from the breathing tube. Now im curious, do they put it in after they put you to sleep ?

5 days

Another 5 days and I'll be at my confirmation consult and hopefullybe able to pay all the fees. Then everything will be set in stone. Am loving everyone's updates so far :D

2nd consult done and dusted

Just finished my confirmation consult. Pay for the procedure in a few days then everything will be set in stone ! Once again a wonderful experience at Dr. Sylaidis's office :)

Pathetic Cyber Bullys

Pretty disappointed to be reading nasty comments on this site. The last thing anybody needs on here is abuse. I guess even this forum isn't immune to the sickness of the cowards we call keyboard warriors. Taking your insecurities out on others isnt ok, online or in person. There's no shame in having plastic surgery to improve your looks and build confidence. It'd be like abusing people for losing weight ! On another note, cannot wait to have my surgery and share my experience with the members who dont need to make people feel bad to feel good :)

Surgeons Fee Paid

Well after a 2minute call all Ive got left to do is send off my admission forms for the hospital and pay their fees before it just turns into a waiting game. Time seems to be going too slow yet the date is coming up so fast. The nerves and excitement are kicking in more and more each day, Im wondering when the fear will do the same. It still doesnt feel like reality and probably wont sink in until ive got an IV in my arm ! :)

Pre Op Shop

Can anyone give me suggestions of what to buy before i have my surgery ? Its coming up so fast and i have no idea what I'll need. I realised the other day that my Dr hadnt mentioned much at all about post op except tha they will prescribe pain relief and antibiotics as well i think. Ive read heaps of reviews mentioning arnica and bromelain, also some about neosporin/saline spray. I know I'll get aftercare instructions when leaving the hospital but I wont be wanting to go straight to the chemist/shops all bandaged and drugged :p any ideas will be appreciated :)

one day to go !

Time felt like it was going so slow and yet tomorrow i go in for my op ! Agh im getting excited, still not nervous but there's still time for that ! Got my arnica tablets and cream, stool softeners, paw paw ointment for lips, pineapple juice, u shaped pillow and some vitamin c. Hope it all helps to make for a swift recovery :)

final befores

Going to be brave and post some clear before photos. They show just how bad it is. When i told my friend i was doing it she asked what i wanted changed. I showed and told her and she said she didnt see any of what i was here it is ! Argh. I dont feel this nose belongs to my face, or anyones for that matter. Im starting to worry, as i did at the beginning, that its just too big and too much work that i wont get the drastic change that i want. But the worst thing right now is fasting, so hungry haha cant wait to update post op !

officially post op

Cant believe its done ! The procedure and processes were great, not to mention the amazing staff. Had a little pain when i woke but they took care of it straight away. Have little bruising started under one eye but still no pain or swelling. Im sure it will all catch up tomorrow. And no inner splits, only cast and tape on the outside. Thanks for all the comforting comments, im looking forward to sharing the final result ! Best thing was meeting a lady in the waiting room who had had my same surgeon previoisly and spoke of him so highly, it was very encouraging and settling to hear :)

day 2

Still minimal bruising and little swelling, if any, havent needed painkillers yet. Only had a slight pulsing sensation in my nose on occasion and a tiny headache. All is well so far. Keeping up the bed rest, trying to do as little as possible and plenty of water and pineapple juice

end of day 2

At the end of day 2, the swelling has begun but isnt extremely bad. Lots of crusty blood, one huge clump that im dying to dig out haha my dr's admin said not to touch it at all, even though it is very annoying. I find that the slight pressure from the drip pad helps to reduce itchiness in and around the nostrils for anyone experiencing that :) also i have bloody phlegm coming up which i havent seen anyone mention but think its normal at this stage. im going to fill up on water before bed and hopefully things will still be looking good in the morning !

day 3

Woke up feeling a little more swollen so i went back to sleep and it feels a little better waking up the 2nd time. Staying in bed today. Still have the bloody phlegm and irritating itchy nostrils. Had a small amount of leakage last night but still havent needed pain meds. It kind of looks as if the bruising is already starting to fade, its turning that dark yellow colour, i wonder if thats the arnica working ! Everything seems to be rather boring today :)

day 4

Not much else to report. Phlegm was clearing up last night and this morning but had some fresh blood this arvo. So sooooo itchy ! Dry blood keeps collecting around my nostril, so much that its almost closed it off, i want it cleaned so bad ! Swelling and bruising are bout the same as yesterday. Doing fine with eating normal meals, didnt have to change to a soft diet except things that take a bit of hard chewing cause slight pressure in my nose. Did i small amount of housework but kept it minimal. Rest rest rest :) my chin has started to get pimples (strange seeing as its the only part of my face without tape!) 3 days until cast comes off....hurry up !

yucky itchy

Was anyone else THIS itchy ? I have no splints or packing to catch the blood and mucus so its all collecting around the edge of my nostrils and drying up there. Its making me super irritated and i really want it tidied up but i know if i call they'll just tell me to leave it as is again ... grrrr this is by far the worst part ! I'd rather be in pain, atleast there's something you can take to fix that !

nostril blocked by crust :/

day 5?

Its the end of day 5 (although realself says its day 4) i might be counting the post op days wrong. Anyway it has probably been the best day. Now that ive found a way to deal with the itching, i feel like i'll be able to hold out until cast off day a lot easier. My parents came to visit, we had pizza and a cuppa and i had a full length conversation without any dripping. For all previous days if i chewed or talked too much my nose would drip a little. As you can see im very yellow but swelling is almost non existant. The tape and cast are feeling gooey, like all my skin oils are building up underneath. Still havent needed painkillers and still sleeping almost through the night. Waking a couple of times, mostly when i hear the little one stir. Lots of water and bedrest is my recommendation. I noticed if i slacked off on fluids is when the puffiness would set in, which includes mornings (obviously you dont drink when you're asleep) i managed to gently make a hole in the dry blood at the edge of my nostril with some boiling salt water on a cotton bud by slowly and carefully twisting. Just enough for air to come through so i dont feel so stuffy. Made a huge difference ! Ive been blessed so far and this site has made it go so much faster with all the lovely comments and interaction with other members :) 1 and a half days until cast off ! Aaaaagh hurry up

1 day pre cast off :)

There is so much oil in the tape from my skin that when I touch it with slight pressure it leaves a residue on my finger... eeeeew ! It feels so slimey under everything. Even though i have a shower, i feel like i need another one later the same day. Cant wait for a good scrubbing ! Washing my hair might make me feel better. Everything else is still uneventful, no pain, minimal swelling. I started dripping late last night (must've spoken too soon) but not badly. From now until my appointment tommorow is going to be the longest wait of all week !

cast off day !

I was pretty emotional getting the cast off. It took me quite a while to actually look in a mirror. I didnt want to be disappointed but the more i look at it now, the more i like it ! Having the cast and stitches removed was by far the most horrid part of this entire journey ! The bridge was very very tender and the stitches felt like i was being sliced open all over again, i actually teared up and became quite faint. They had me lay down for a bit before letting me go. Looks like ive been through hell and back twice so still looks pretty bad with the bruising and swelling on the nose. But man am i glad to have that frickin cast off ! Skin feels so disgusting, i cant wait to have a proper scrub. It was so nice to go outside after spending 5 straight days inside, we went for an almost 2hr long drive around the city, beaches and hills. Amazing what a change of scenery can do for you :)

too much too soon ?

Im a little worried at how great recovery is going (sounds silly)... i feel normal so im forgetting to do things like not bend over and i just had a fantastic catch up with my bestie which means a laughed my head off and smiled from ear to ear, i had to leave ! Haha.. it wasnt uncomfortable or painful but i felt like i was pushing the limits for this early stage ? Was anyone else hesitant to stretch their smile too much, or anything else, out of fear of causing damage ?

2 week update

So this week has been harder than the first ! Both my lil bubba and I have had a gastro bug for a whole week ! Definately hasnt helped with healing. The pressure in my nose from daily vomiting has caused some added tenderness as well as my daughter accidently bumping it 5 times now. Im worried that its going to cause long term damage or alter the final result. Being dehydrated and unable to keep anything down isnt helping with swelling or the remaining bruise under my eye which just doesnt seem to want to budge now, its fading sooooo slowly. Ive also broken out with acne which is the most depressing part of all, my skin is flaking a little too with some peeling on my nose but thats normal anyway. So not many pics just yet, i just cant be bothered right now. Might put more up in a week.

1 month post op

Wow ! Its been one month already ! Its been ok. I have good days where it looks like things are improving and bad days where the swelling becomes worse and super uneven. Ive had quite a few knocks to the nose (unavoidable with an 18 month old) so my tip is a bit tender, although that might also be because most of the numbness has gone too but my bridge is getting less sore to touch each day. You can see in the pics that its quite asymmetric at the moment, i think so anyway, it annoys me but i know ive got a long way to go yet. Still havent put full makeup on as the skin on my nose is still peeling but its not noticable at all. I do find that the nights where i dont sleep as upright result in slightly worse swelling the next day. The incision sight is really swollen too (my fault)i havent been staying away from things like steak that take a lot of effort to chew, like you're suppose to. The disolvable stitches at the opening of my nostrils are annoying me because they pinch and hurt if i accidently brush over them while trying to clean or apply anything. Hurry up and disolve ! I did trim one a little but the other is tiny anyway. My nose has been running a little more than usual, which is normal, especially since we've been having really cold mornings. Im still bending and lifting heavy things which make the swelling worse. To add to things we're moving house in a couple of weeks but in the meantime we've moved one of my sisters, start moving my other sister next week and my mum has been moving too !!! Crazy crazy ! If ive forgotten anything I'll add it later. Yay for one month :)

2 months post op

So ! 2 months on and life is so different. I went out for the first time for dinner and a movie since having the surgery and ive got so much more confidence. Im not afraid that ppl will be staring at me everywhere i go anymore and i feel ppl treat me differently, better... Its still not the most perfect looking nose but its such a huge improvement and still has more improving to do as it heals. The few days after we went out it was noticabley swollen because i had a few drinks and salty popcorn, i need to drink more water (ive been a bit slack lately) also moving house hasnt helped, heavy lifting, running around and not always having a healthy meal but thats all done now, yay !. I had some dissolvable stitches that just werent going away on the entrance of my nostrils, they were really irritating and noticable, then i got a cold and the constant running of my nose dissolved them in no time. Thank god ! Haha I was a little afraid to blow my nose so i just started out gently and it was fine and i can blow it normally now. it still looks wide from the front but im not too worried. Seeing the Dr in about 6weeks, im excited to tell him how its all been so far and hear his opinion on the progress. The tip is still a bit numb but by now im used to it. The hairs in there feel like they're more sensitive, like one tiny bit of fluff irritates the hell out of me and the incision site gets a little itchy still. Cant think of much else, just wish i had done this sooner ! :)

Nearly 4 months

Not much to update, liking it more and more. Not so sensitive to alcohol and salt anymore only get slight swelling at the incision site now :) i dont know if ppl havent noticed or have and didnt want to say anything but i havent had any comments about it. Numbness of the tip has almost completely gone. Nostrils are uneven, i cant say if its swelling or not bit it doesnt worry me anyway. Still have to be careful wearing sunnies, if they sit too low they put pressure on the bridge and that spreads to my head.

4 months post op

Wearing sunglasses still causes pressure in my head as well as if they sit on my nose it feels like its being pushed down. Occasional stuffiness. Still looks wide but still pleased with the outcome so far. Considering further tip work as its still quite long and has a weird crooked shape. You can see in the photos the tip looks different each side as well as one side looks like it has a hump on the bridge compared to the other.
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