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I have 3 children aged 17 yrs, 3yrs and nearly...

I have 3 children aged 17 yrs, 3yrs and nearly 2yrs. since my first child I have had excess tummy skin and my abdominal muscles have separated. My last child was c-section and I had an infection in the wound that still causes me pain. Having the last 2 children so close together and probably from having the c-section my excess tummy skin is even worse and I look like I'm 6 months pregnant.
My husband is 100% supportive of me doing this but says he loves me just the way I am as my body brought him his children.
so I saw Dr Mark Moore in December and have now booked in for my operation to be in Feb. I'm sooo excited. I'm a bit nervous because I had wanted liposuction but Dr Moore advised it's an unnecessary expense...so I just have to exercise it off. I'm nervous that the final look won't be as good as I'm expecting and ill regret not having liposuction. The only other thing I'm nervous about is how im going to stop the 2 little ones jumping on me and wanting cuddles after. Otherwise I can't wait and I keep telling myself anything is going to look better than it does now and hopefully no more ongoing pain from the c-section scar.
Dr Moore was nice at my appointment but it was a very quick. I'm guessing I'll have another appointment before my op.
so I'll put some photos up later of the before and after and I'll post as it I get closer to the op and after.
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