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Like every review on this site regarding...

Like every review on this site regarding rhinoplasty, I have grown up unhappy and self conscious of my massive honker! -Thanks dad! And thanks to a deviated septum during a rugby match now is the perfect time for me to fix it.

I decided to write a review in hopes to help others like myself when making this big decision!

About three months ago I had my initial consultation with Dr Syladis. This was my first consultation (dipping my toes in the water so to speak) and apart from what I had read online I did not know what to expect. Dr Syladis was very professional and started by asking about the issues I felt I had with my nose and then went on to explain and discuss how he would correct/alter my nose to his and my satisfaction. His nurse then took a 3D digital image of my face and he altered it accordingly and put it on the screen showing a goal for the end result (however explained that was what he was aiming for and cannot promise the exact same) he was very professional and informative and explained how natural he keeps his work and 'conservative' he would aim to keep my nose- As it is easier to go back and take off more than it is if you take to much off! He was very confident on exactly what he could offer me and I appreciated his honesty and informative discussions. At first I was not 100% sure and Dr Syladis noticed, and told me I don't have to make a decision right then I can take my time think about it and book for a second consultation if I decide to go further. (I appreciated his honesty and that he didn't pressure me into making the decision)

After a lot of thinking and research I booked in for my 2nd appointment with more excitement than nerves, ready to get the ball rolling! At the appointment we went over what we both agreed we wanted to achieve and locked in a date.

The day of my surgery I had to fast from 7am, no food or water and I was seriously struggling more with that than the idea of surgery haha (I love food) but once I was checked into Adelaide Day Surgery, weighed and dressed and all paperwork was done we waited for a short time before the Anethisit had a quick briefing of what is going to happen, followed by Dr Sylaids doing the same. A quick jab in the arm, a funny taste in my mouth and i was out like a light.
Next thing I woke up disorientated but so dopey I didn't even notice the pain. Once I came to the nurses had me rate my pain from 1-10 and gave me some painkillers accordingly, can't thank the nurses enough they were amazing and fed me and took care of me for a few hours while I rested and got my bearings. A few hours went by in recovery and I was good to go home (with mum driving)

First few days were painless, still pretty dopey so I slept straight through, just resting and taking panadiene extra and nurofen every 5 hours. Blood noses happen every now and then but just keeping upright and an ice pack at the back of my neck as instructed.

Day 2 I called the nurse to ask about all of the crusty blood forming a plug in each nostril (actually really nasty, so gross) but she said that the doctor doesn't want me touching anything at all, to just leave it until the week is up and my splint comes off. as far as I've read the gross crusty blood is a part of the healing process and I've just got to deal.

Day 3 a dull headache got me but I think the position I was sleeping in played a part in that! I had some minor bruising around my eyes barely any though. Getting a sore throat and jaw from having to breath through my mouth so looking forward to getting this splint off!

Currently at Day 4 after surgery still taking Panadiene and Nurofen but lowering doses gradually.
Headache has subsided after lots of water and an iced pack at the back of my neck. Eyes barely have any bruising or swelling! Just resting a few more days trying not to go crazy. Can't really see exactly as my nose is covered in bandages but of what I can see I'm super excited about the results! Even though it's swollen it already looks smaller (and less like my dads lol)

Will be getting my splint off in 3 days time, will update photos when that happens woo :)

Before photos

Just some before shots to give an idea. My nose was quite wide and my the tip was a bit big


Didn't work last upload lol

Cast off today! Very brief, but happy :)

So today I had the splint removed, and i look like an avatar hahaha but that's ok it's just swollen as! I am happy so far just eager to see the swelling go down over the next 6 months! It's actually wider than it was before hand and I'm hoping that is just swelling-pretty sure it is though :)

Getting the cast off was a very quick experience though I guess Dr Syladis didn't need to hang around haha but I'd the one thing I have noticed with all of my visits is they're very brief! He always pops in an out of the room and gets the nurses dealing with you more than him. I suppose I don't mind as long as my results are good, however I think with some people who are a little more nervous about this sort of thing would appreciate him making you feel more comfortable and build a bit of a relationship/trust with the guy who's going to cut open your face and chisel away some of your nose! -in simple terms.. I guess he isn't there to be your mate and he is obviously in high demand being so busy and having nurses do things they're fully capable of. So it depends how you look at it!

Anyway, still 10 weeks before strenuous exercise, 6 weeks before swimming and three more months of healing before swelling will pretty much be gone. Will keep updates coming!

P.s was having some trouble uploading photos -feel like my grandmother haha, here are some before photos and today's photos with the cast removed :)!

Still swollen - I hope

Ok so since having my cast removed I pretty much just stare in the mirror and take many profile selfies dicecting my nose haha. I know that my swelling is still huge and needs to go down a lot but I'm starting to be very nervous that my tip was not refined enough, I stressed to Dr Syladis that I did not want to end up with and slippery dip nose cause I didn't want it looking piggish, and I'm really nervous it's quite 'slippery dippy' if that makes sense. I'm really hoping that my tip is just the most swollen and it will even out?? And it's so wide still, again is that just swelling? And I'm noticing it's a little uneven and goes slightly to one side will that even out as the swelling goes down?

I wondering if anyone else had the same stresses during their recovery and I need to just chill and wait for swelling to go first haha. Please comment and share if you have! Thanks!

Some before and afters from 8 days post op

Photos are mainly what helped me make my decision so here are mine hopefully they help someone else too!
Still lots of swelling!

Two weeks since surgery

So it's been two weeks since surgery. I haven't really notice much change since I have had my cast off so I'm still waiting on the swelling to go down. It is quite un even and I'm hoping that it will straighten up as it heals but thinking it is less likely than I'm preying for! Time will tell I guess. Still not happy with results *YET* but patiently waiting for swelling to go down and my tiny nose to appear!

Also another thing I'm struggling with is my skin, it has turned to absolute shit since having my cast off, it's all flakey and peeling and covered in pimples! I've never before had full on pimples with heads on them on my nose before, maybe a few black heads here and there but it's covered in pimples and also very dry I don't know weather I should be moisturising the dry skin or drying out the pimples? Haha
Has anyone else had this issue and or have any ideas how to deal with it!?

Thanks :)

Nervous that I won't be happy

I know it's only been 18 days but beginning to stress that I'm going to be unhappy with the final result. I've been reading everyone else's reviews and after three weeks they all seem to be relatively happy and most of the swelling gone. My nose is (I'm preying) still very swollen and uneven. Has anyone else had this feeling???
Originally dr Syladis said I would be having 'open rhinoplasty' because the bottom of my tip (I'll upload a photo) was prodominantly lower on one side but after I woke up out of surgery he said that he didn't have to because once he took some of the tip out it fixed itself. Now looking at photos it's still there, did I just get ripped of paying for the anethisit for longer and then he just didn't do it? I know I'm over analysing but I spent so much money and I'm scared to be disappointed! Am I just being silly?

22 Days

Just an update, 22 days.
So crazy how much the swelling goes up and down, still very swollen between my eyes haha. Cant wait till it's always down though haha

What is going on ??? :( (23 days)

So I know it's only been three weeks, but what the heck is happening to my nose, if anything it's getting much worse, un-even and misshaped!!???
I see more wrong with it now that it start I'm so confused I spent so much to improve and I am so unsatisfied at this point. The tip is so uneven and mashed around, the bottom of one side hangs so much lower than the other still, I don't understand and nostrils are so uneven. I get that they can only do so much but I worked so so hard for the $8000+ I spent on this nose that's just a mess right now I'm just preying it's swelling. But I doubt swelling can make your nose a completely different shape to the promised outcome???!!!
I've noticed on here that Everyone else at three weeks is beginning to see results and is very happy and I'm getting impatient seeing as it's three weeks and I'm going backwards.
So self conscious right now it's awful :(
If I hadn't already uploaded some before photos I swear I could post these photos from today on a new account with the title 'need rhinoplasty' because I feel like I look ridiculous it's still so much the focal point on my face :(
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