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I am in day six of this treatment. The doctor...

I am in day six of this treatment. The doctor used Deep FX for drooping lids, alligator skin around my eyes and deep wrinkles around my mouth. Active FX was used everywhere else on my face for sun damage wrinkles. All dead skin is gone except some patches on my nose, but my face still tingles. I love the change around my eyes. They look bigger, less tired and younger. So far I am disappointed that the wrinkles around my mouth are still deep. I’m sick of seeing lipstick seep up those lines. The Dr. says it is a slow process and they may continue to diminish, so I am still hopeful. This procedure is not for the faint of heart. I don’t think the numbing cream was effective enough -I had no other anesthetic - because some of the procedure was MUCH more painful than the nurses told me to expect. I tolerate pain very well. Perhaps the waiting time was not long enough. Pain was about a 4 on the left side of my face and 8-9 on the right side, regardless of whether the Deep or Active was being applied. It felt like a drill was boring hundreds of holes into my skin. When I was finally given a mirror I thought I would see punctures all over, but I didn’t. The rest of the recovery was exactly as described. Down time is definitely 6 to 7 days but no more. I would do this again if a more effective anesthetic could be used.
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