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Had the Active FX done 10 days ago- don't see much...

Had the Active FX done 10 days ago- don't see much improvement at all, although my doctor did say it would take about 3 weeks to see results. Very capable, consciencious doctor that I trust. He was demo-ing the laser so I volunteered.

Post-healing experience for both of us. Had lidocaine applied prior to proceduretopically (be sure that this is covered with saran wrap as it helps the skin absorb it. And have it put everywhere the laser is going to reach. You will look stupid, but, believe me, it is worth it!).

Even with the lidocaine, pain was an 7-8 on 1-10 scale. Extreme pain 24-36 hours later. Remember, this is like a second degree burn. I discovered that if I used Bactine (over the counter- been around for years!) as an astringent then used Biafine (a prescription cream that is used to treat 1st-2nd degree burns) I was much more comfortable.

Face is a little pink now but nothing compared to what it looked like 4 days after procedure.

I use Olay Complete Defense SPF 30 for sensitive skin as I have found it not to be so greasy. My doctor is in contact with me daily and I have kept a photo record of my progress. I'm not so vain that I wouldn't share them so if you are interested (some are very painful to look at, so be warned!) please contact me

Today is my one month post procedure and I am...

Today is my one month post procedure and I am happy to say that all redness, swelling, pain is gone.  Not sure if I great results, except for my lips, which are still fuller than before.  There is some improvement on the lines from nose to mouth.  My  "beauty" regimen is quite simple- I use Olay SPF 30 during the day (not greasy and works well under makeup) and then Olay Definity at night. (This isn't a plug- I get free samples from work!).  I haven't had to wear more makeup- which is great because I didn't wear that much to begin with- and I didn't have any hyperpigmentation (areas of dark skin).  But, honestly, I wouldn't have it done again, even if it was free. I may be expecting too much, too soon, but only time will tell the real story.

Eastern Shore Maryland

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