Accutane Saved my Sanity

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I was one of the first people to use Accutane in...

I was one of the first people to use Accutane in 1983--I had to beg my doctor for it.  I was his first patient.  I think he actually regretted it, since I had been in his office every week for years to treat outbreaks. 

After Accutane, I've seen a dermatologist about 2X in the last 25 years. 15 years of tetracycline permanently destroyed my intestinal flora--and left me with osteoporosis (no dairy allowed or it doesn't work).  Retin A helped but wasn't a complete solution.  I tried every OTC product avaialbe  and kept my skin scrupulously clean.

Turn the closk forward: I had to fight for my son to get it when he developed acne at 15.  Dermatorlogist will advise against it--it's a money loser for them. My advice is get it early and save the heartbreak and scarring acne causes.  I was 27 when I went on it. I am now 53 and have yet to expeierince any adverse effects from the Accutane--I've had two beautiful (now grown) children. 

Ditto for my son. It's a miracle drug. I buy all organic.  I am a health and exercise freak.  This is the only medication I have ever endorsed. Currenlty,  I don't take anything except vitamins.  Nothing is as depressing and soul sucking as continuous non-responsive acne.  I did everything right.  My skin just seemed to clog for whatever reason. The scars I received pre-accutane are still painful to see in the mirror every day. I am convinced I would still have acne if it weren't for Accutane. 

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