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I was 16 and unfortunetly suffered from severe...

I was 16 and unfortunetly suffered from severe acne. Not on my back or any other body part - only on my face- and i say only with some hesitation, it was enough. My family used to tell me to 'accept it' that 'it is normal', though i didn't feel at all comfortable- i was probably the person in my class with the worst skin. It caused me a lot of pain, problems with my self confidence and relationship building. Finally, i decided on my own to go to a dermatologist who prescribed accurane. Yes, in the beginning it was somewhat painful. Dry lips, skin and even my bones in my hands i could feel were painful..... Was it worth it? YES!! After about 6 monthes, i discovered that i could have clear skin. I could now look in the mirror and say ' hey- i look good!'

So now at 32, I see my nephew who is 15 is starting to have severe acne as well. I ordered some accutane for him online at the same place i get my RETINA (a cream I now use to maintain my clear complexion). I ordered him the tabs from online - much less expensive then going to meet the dr, get a prescription and pay retail. Anyways, he's very thankful. He's on his 2.5 monthes now and the results are already showing. I recommend it to all who suffer in silence

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My rating goes to the dr who basically saved my skin , but especially to accutane which put a stop to my severe acne

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