Accutane - FINALLY Working ;-)

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I had pretty mild acne thru high school. It's...

I had pretty mild acne thru high school. It's when I started college that my skin erupted. I tried all the topicals you can think of...Every RX and OTC including milk of magnesia. Prior to taking the accutane plunge, I tried 6 mo of doxycycline. It worked really well initially but stopped working. I stopped taking them and the acne came back furious...face, back, chest. Derm recommended accutane. I was distraught at how awful my skin was and painful, too. After much research, I decided to go for it. Below is the time line... I'm 22 years and weigh 124lbs.

Month 1 - 40 mg. by 4th week initial breakout horrid. Lips drying..

Month 2 - 60 mg. a million bumps on my face and back. Praying it doesn't get worse.

Month 3 - 60 mg. skin has zero improvement. Derm a little surprised that no signs of cf clearing. Decides to up my dose to 80mg for start of 4th mo. And tells me not to give up. Feeling pretty discouraged. Derm says I have very stubborn acne.

Month 4 -80 mg. This dose is pushing it with my weight of 124,lbs. By end of 4th mo skin still has much acne but seems calmer. Daring to hope...

Month 5 - 80 mg. derm says may need accutane for minimum of 6 mo. Is this as good as it will get for me...still covered in bumps albeit smaller?

5 mo. 2 weeks. -80 mg. oh my gosh...I finally turned the corner. Skin is drastically improved... Bumps are far and few btwn...amazed..Finally it seems to be kicking stubborn cysts finaly giving in to accutane..yeah!

I will keep you all posted for the next month and a half and beyond to give you progress update...wish me luck;)

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