Accutane 10 Years Later I Am Still Happy

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I didn't pay anything because my insurance...

I didn't pay anything because my insurance covered it, but my insurance cost a fortune. I had perioral dermatitis and I was in my early 30s. I had struggled with my skin and Retin A aggravated my skin and condition and made it much worse. I looked like I had rosacea for years after I quit using Retin A. I tried everything. I found a wonderful dermatologist who gave me antibiotics for years which worked until they didn't and then she would up my dosage or give another antibiotic. When we ran out of antibiotic choices my dermatologist finally said that I should consider Accutane. I was finished having my children. I took two forms of birth control while I took it. My skin never looked better than when I was taking it but even after I went off it I never broke out again (not ever) and luckily I did not scar from my acne. I am in my 40s now and I am starting to wrinkle with age but accutane made me feel and look prettier.

Susan Mackel

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