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Pros: Cleared acne, I also discovered that it...

Pros: Cleared acne, I also discovered that it cleared my black heads, I didn't have very many, but what I did have was clear in 2 weeks!!
Overall, it cleared my acne, my dermatologist made me try this as a last resort, because we had no success with any other ointments, medications, washes, etc.

Cons: VERY DRY SKIN!!! My face was so dry that I couldn't even apply make up, because it would flake off with my skin, not to mention it burned to put on any kind of make up, I was only able to wear mascara for 3 months! For the first 5 days my acne started to clear, then after 6 days or so I noticed my acne was getting worse (which I did not think was possible!!!)I was so miserable, I was ready to give up and just accept the fact that I would probably have acne for ever, but I toughed it out, and I'm glad I did, because after about 3 weeks on the medication my break outs cleared up and didn't come back, plus no blackheads!

Just beware when you take this medication to have a HUGE tub of lotion, face moisturizer and LOTS of chap-stick, I applied chap-stick at least every hour, because my lips would absorb it so fast! Moisturizer at least 5 times a day for my face, I also ended up putting some around my piercings, because it was drying out where the hole was (gross and weird!) And Lotion on your whole body after a shower, I also had very dry scalp, I used head and shoulders, and that worked great, and it smelled goo too!

The only downside was that I have great insurance, and still paid $350 for the GENERIC! Iowa must be expensive!

Overall, if your acne is keeping you from social situations or making you embarrassed, give this a try, you cant hide forever!

Jodie McKee

You need a dermatologist that works with you and understands and listens to you, otherwise this will not work.

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