A Complete Waste of Money!

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I've had 5 out of 6 accent treatments to tighten...

I've had 5 out of 6 accent treatments to tighten the skin on my inner thighs. I was told this would be the best treatment for me, that it would re-shape and tighten my thighs. There has been absolutely no change.

They didn't take any measurements on my first day, which I thought was suspicious. So, I had a friend take careful measurements of my thighs and we recently remeasured to see if there was any difference. The measurements confirmed that my thighs are no smaller than they were $1,700 dollars ago. The skin is not tighter at all. (By the way, the $1700 I paid was supposedly half off the regular price).

Had I visited this website prior to putting the money down, I probably wouldn't have done it. A 50/50 chance is not good enough for me. These companies are hurting in the current economic state and will tell you anything to get some money. They were desperate to sell me another 6 treatments for my stomach.

Don't waste your money.

Laser Cosmetica

I wouldn't recommend any provider of the Accent treatment. It doesn't work.

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