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Absolutely Amazing

Breast Augmentation

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26 Sep 2016

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Absolutely Amazing

I went to Dr. Palladino for a breast augmentation. From the initial consultation to my one year check up, it has been an amazing experience. My husband had gone with me for my first appointment (he wanted to make sure I received the best possible care). After all of the questions, my husband felt extremely comfortable and was happy to know that I was in the best hands. Dr. Palladino answered both of our questions with extreme detail and did not rush us in any way. He gave me the options that were best for my frame for the most natural look possible. He has an excellent and gentle bedside manner. My breasts look exactly like they did before only larger. They look completely realistic and you cannot tell I have implants. I went from an A to a DD. Although the size difference sounds large, they do not look DD large and truly do fit my body frame. Dr. Palladino did an amazing job and is a true artist.