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I wore braces as a teen. Lost my retainer and some...

I wore braces as a teen. Lost my retainer and some of the crockedness started to reappear. I went in to have my retainer replaced and this new Ortho recommended invisalign. I am doing the express treatment. 10 aliners. Having had both, there is no comparison. Braces are embarassing, high maintenance to clean, BURN and hurt your mouth for at least 2 months after having them put in and are well... non removable if you have a nite out or event. My ortho is excellent, meticulous, makes me come every other tray (sometimes every tray because of the teeth filing) my attachments are truly invisible from more than like a foot away and they did them very well. And honestly aside from the "PRESSURE" pain of having your teeth move the first couple days of having the aliners everything else is great. My trays have never been scratchy... I wonder if they file them in the office before I come in for comfort? I think for someone with a slight problem that values being able to take them off on special occasions this is the way to go. I would certainly NOT use a dentist but go to an Ortho... after all they do know the art of moving teeth as a full time job. I paid 2680 and that brings intial xrays and photos, 10 uppers and lowers, 1 set of permanent retainers (top and bottom per my request) 1 set removable retainers (top and bottom in case one breaks or something) and a guarantee that if I am still crocked they can make me more trays or even get braces if I am unsatisfied.
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