Fraxel Caused Facial Palsy, Along with Eye Damage - Aberdeen, GB

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Am 50 year old woman who had fraxel to improve...

Am 50 year old woman who had fraxel to improve both the texture of my skin (old acne scars) and aging. The procedure was done by a doctor trained in it's application, who reassured me of its safety and the results. So painful, I cried throughout the procedure.

Weeping sores for the first 3 days. Facial palsy developed after about a week, and lasted 3 months. I looked like I had had a stroke. Eyesight was blurred for about a month. The sad thing was that there was no improvement at all, and I felt I had aged about 5 years because of the damage caused.

Dr. Helen St. John

This is a procedure, which in the wrong hands, can leave horrific results. I don't think my doctor had enough training for performing something that could have lasting results, especially on an area you can't really hide away if something goes wrong.

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