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Englewood Facial Plastic Surgeon

In July of 2016, I had my rhinoplasty procedure. This was actually my first surgical experience, so I was pretty nervous. Once I arrived, it was clear that Englewood Hospital was great, and Dr. Tobias was extremely determined to do just what he had to do to make MY nose perfect, instead of the typical “ski slope,” perfect nose that is easy to pick out of a crowd. Before surgery, he visited me to explain what he planned to do once again, and discussed changes he might have thought of that would make my nose look even more like “me.” His plan was to take away a bump on the bridge of my nose, fix my slight deviated septum which had my nose aligned more to the left, and shorten the tip to match the new shape- and Dr. Tobias did exactly that. After surgery, I had minimal pain- I awoke from the anesthesia and was talking, drinking, and eating a bit already. Once home, I barely had to take the prescribed pain medication. Then, my cast was removed 6 days after. With just a little soreness, everything went perfectly. There is no visible scarring, and almost no one can tell I’ve had a nose job since it looks so natural! Dr. Tobias is an expert in what he does and will explain very clearly to you what he can do for your nose, and what wouldn’t be a good fit. He is very open to your ideas of what you want and what you’d like to do. As a whole, I was shocked at how fast I had healed, how short the recovery time was, and how I had experienced barely any pain whatsoever. Dr. Tobias along with his office staff are a huge help and try to guide you as best they can throughout the experience. I recommend Dr. Tobias to everyone and couldn’t be happier with the results

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