Zoom Whitening Gives Good Immediate Results on Dark Teeth but Don't Last

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I Had Zoom whitening procedure done one year ago,...

I Had Zoom whitening procedure done one year ago, my teeth was not very dark but just a bit yellow .

it wasn't painfull .

immediatly after the procedure the doctor gave me a mirror so i could see the result . i wasn't that impressed ( i only noticed some horizontale white lines one my teeth but not the wow effect i expected !)

that procedure provided immediate whiter teeth but according to my doctor it is more noticiable on darker teeth .

anyway the result lasted a very short periode of time ( only 15 days ).

My doctor has now decided to sell her lamp because of the poor satifaction of her patients regarding to the exepensive price of that procedure especially in france .

so from now she decided to propose only the regular procedure wich don't give immediate results but give reel long terme results !
(sorry for my poor english ).

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