After 1 Yr, Botox No Longer Works on my Crow's Feet

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Ive had botox to the crows feet area since I...

Ive had botox to the crows feet area since I turned 40. First results were great but only lasted about 2 months. I had approx 20 units. I have had treatment (approximately the same amount of units each time)every 2 months since, with it never seeming to last beyond this.

I have not long turned 41 and my last treatment took a long time to take effect and doesn't seem to have had any where near the effect of previous treatments. I had a "touch up" of an extra 2 units to each side 10 days after my last treatment with no noticeable difference a good week later. Have I developed "immunity" or resistence to botox. What, if any, are my options now?

I've so enjoyed my less-wrinkled eyes and don't want to go back to my old crows feet look. (My professional provider has not changed.) HELP! Your comments and experiences would be welcomed.

Caci Clinic, New Zealand

Have had good results until recently

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