Very Puffy Upper Eyelids and Inner Eyes from Botox

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Hi guys, I had botox injected ( 46 units ) into...

Hi guys, I had botox injected ( 46 units ) into my brow and crows feet area around my eyes, on day 3 l loved the result and even rang my doctor to thank her yet when l woke on day 5 l noticed swelling of my upper eyelids and inner eye area around the bridge of my nose that has given my face a 'lion' appearance. l Went back to see the doctor who told me that it will subside in a few weeks as the 'drainage' to the eye can become weaker due to the botox and that it will be ok as one of her other patients gets 'puffy' for a few weeks everytime she gets botox.

I'm very distressed as l have to constantly apply a cold pack in the mornings and by mid afternoon it is a little bit better then puffy again in the morning. It's actually made me face look quite different and to be honest im quite scared it will stay this way for the next 3-6 months.

I like the smoothness of my forhead and eye area yet my eyes were my best feature and im quite annoyed. I believe that 25 units would have been more then enough for me as l told my doctor l just wanted a slight difference not a full one.

Has anybody had the same reaction and if so how long did it last? Any help l could get would be great.
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