Velashape Corrected my Lumps from SmartLipo and Helped with Cellulite

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Had Smart Lipo carried out on my stomach, hips and...

Had Smart Lipo carried out on my stomach, hips and love handles. Worked great but had a couple of small lumps on my stomach. My surgeon offered 6 Velashape treatments on the areas I had Smart Lipo carried out on for free.

After the first treatment I decided to have Velashape treatments on my legs and butt as well - purely for cellulite reasons. My daughters and husband noticed a difference after the 2nd session. I have now had four treatments and I can see a big difference and I have two more to go. The lumps on my stomach have definitely got smaller but it hasn't got rid of it completely so I may ask my surgeon if I need more on my stomach.

I have never been burned, it hurts on the inside of my legs, but my legs are slim and I'm told thats why. Everywhere else I've enjoyed the massage. I've had the laser on its highest setting on each area but my legs which I've had on the next setting down. I'm wondering about some of the operators lots of you have seen. Mine checks with me all the time to make sure its comfortable.

London Medical & Aesthetic Clinic

The whole of the time the procedure is carried out, I'm being checked to make sure its comfortable and I've never been burnt. Only ever had a couple of small bruises which have only lasted a day or two.

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