Six Treatments for Cellulite

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Three month ago I finished my sixth Velashape...

Three month ago I finished my sixth Velashape treatment. (One treatment a week) My aim was to reduce the cellulites of my bottom.

Now I suffer from:

a) only "skin"is left around the area of the lowest part of my spine,causing severe discomfort when sitting because of the preassure directly on the bonestructure.

b) the shape of my bottom has been altered, from a "round" shape to a "flat"one, ie most of my bottom is gone, whitch makes me very sad.

I never whished for my bottom that I always loved to partly disappear. I would do almost anything to get back my old shape, even with all or more cellulites.

So my question is abuot how to reverse the result. What has happened with the fatcells of the treated area-can they be damaged, or are they just emptied of fat? Can they have changed location-for instance from higher bottom area to lower? If I deliberately put on weight, will the emptied or the untreated fatcells be the first to take up the fat? If I do nothing, what is the prognosis of getting back my old bodyfigure?

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