Implants 20+ Yrs Ago - Removal and Replacement/finding the Right Dr.

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The Pros for doing it was it gave me self asteem I...

The Pros for doing it was it gave me self asteem I didn't feel like I could pass as a boy. The cons there were not any. I did it because I had had three children was flat as a board no shirts every looked nice. I did it for me and my Spouse.

Please remember this was done a long time ago and the price reflects. The repairs will cost far more I am sure.

I had implants 20 plus years ago. My weight over the years has gone up and down like a yoyo. Right now all I have is Rock Hard silicone implants without them I would have nothing. My question is how hard and painful is the removal of the old implants and scar tissue and can new implants be put in. How much Pain time down etc. Oh and the really big question Money am I looking at to fix my problem?

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He is Deceased.

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